Urban Jungle Aircraft

About the same size as a Mini Cooper and twice as fast, the Megacity Aviation concept was designed to transport goods rapidly through cities with major gridlock. The majority of the biofiber reinforced bioplastic frame is hollow like the bones of a bird, making it incredibly lightweight. Powered by two hydraulically operated coaxial rotors, it’s highly maneuverable and can carry up to 200kg.

Designer: Alex Jantschke


  • Rawwhale says:

    This says its design to transport goods… but I don’t see any storage space at all. Where is the cargo bay?

    Also, I’ve seen hydraulic rotor brakes, but I’ve never heard of a hydraulic rotory engine. Don’t hydraulics have a short high-energy linear movement followed by a long recoil time, how do you turn those short bursts of energy into enough sustained power to keep this afloat? Can you show an example?

  • Shiverbrains says:

    As much as bioplastics seem really hip and green right now, it still take more petroleum to plant, grow, harvest, transport, process and assemble bioplastics than regular plastic. It’s actually more environmental damaging, the only real benefit is biodegradability, but I doubt this is meant to be composted after use. I would stick to regular plastics if you try to pitch this concept to anyone.

    I’ve also never heard the term “biofiber” used a structural aid, but I googled it and it appears that the term refers to either dissolvable surgical mesh or a colon cleansing health drink… what were you trying to describe?

  • Thomas G says:

    I love the design!

  • aj says:

    Actually its not a hydraulic engine. The Rotors can be pulled back and forth by this hydraulic to compensate the moving focal point of this helicopter.
    The engine itself is an electric engine powered by a H2o fuelcell.
    The cargo bay is behind the Seat. Since it carries just about 200 kg luggage, the cargo bay hasn’t to be this big.

  • aj says:

    this design is not supposed to be a production ready helicopter. It’s a concept how future aviation could be. in my opinion, raw oil based plastic is not the future. With bioplastic i meant plastic based on renewable resources.
    Biofibre reinforced plastic is used in the automobil industry for i.e. doorinnersets. Its plastic reinforced by hempfibres.

  • All I could say is that, the designer has a good use of his imagination for this. I can’t say that this is impossible because I know someday, this design would be realized.

  • peter says:

    There’s no pitch control with this rotor setup.

  • MDesigns says:

    Nice renderings similar to Daniel Simon’s. But I too think it is a styling job.

  • Souhailium says:

    Very nice design ! The render is really accurate, which software did you used to render your 3d model ?!

  • audriuscgt says:

    Excellent design.

  • Hunter says:

    Picture 7: Weapons? On a air freighter?

    Altogether, it looks bad-ass, especially the HALO-esque bodysuit.

  • Looks cool but the history of civilization tends to improve roads

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