The Memory Loop

There are so many different ways to carry your USB stick these days, but none of them are as charming as the LOOPO. A simple clasp within the framework of the USB body makes it easy to directly attach the device to almost anything. If not the key ring, diary ring or purse charm, I’d love to wear it as a super cool neck accessory. What about you?

LOOPO can be made in either metal or plastic.

Designers: Emami Design


  • shiverbrains says:

    I have several usb drives identical to this… one is on my keychain right now.

    Where is the design? This is just a poor rendering of one of the most common objects in the world.

  • AMINATION says:

    yeah i agree with u ..
    but why wee cant see your USB FLASH here !!!
    so publish your idea before OTHERS .

  • shiverbrains says:

    Haha well, I don’t design USB drives… and you can’t even spell two letter words (it’s WE) but if you want to see my work check out Nike, Allen Edmonds, Cole Haan, BedStu and Converse for my shoe design work … for my writing and music journalism … for my fine art … , and for web design … I also do street art advertising for Fisher Wallace Medical, give graffiti tours with Chico and help run Street Art Takeover … I’m about to self publish my third album on my own label (SshiverBBrains) … and I run a clothing brand Local Meat which is launching its fourth collection (in nyc boutiques this summer) … I am also opening a Bespoke footwear workshop in April which will be selling all-handmade amps, guitars, pedals and footwear … oh and I went to Parsons School for Design for product design.

    Is that enough “idea publishing” to critique this USB?

  • Stormer says:

    Sort of clever, I like the clasp idea, but having the exposed terminals is asking for trouble. They are subject to skin oils which can prevent good contact, they can transfer dirt and grime onto the jack’s contacts, and they are exposed to mechanical damage, especially on keyrings and acting as zipper fobs. Electrostatic buildup and discharge on the exposed contacts can also play hob with anything stored on the device.

    For a simplistic design. It’s OK. It’s very IKEA-like. And I DO like the clasp idea. Just cover the contacts.

  • aMoesLOLO says:

    The clasp attached to the USB is handy, so you can hang it everywhere. It is a pity the usb is not protected against external influences, now it can damage more quickly.

  • Shiverbrains says:

    @AMINATION: Your post is complete gibberish so I translated it into english for you…

    “You are accurate, and a genius! I have a question regarding your activities. What if I found your shoe design while web surfing? I would stare at the screen for five minutes. I would then proclaim, “feces!”

    I also keep a notebook under my bed. What is wrong with the world? This is a poor rendering of a shoe but I am happy!

    We are both smart, but you are superior because you can see the internet. I can only see a notebook! “

  • AikiAi says:

    I’m sorry man, but you sound like a huge asshole.

  • Isma says:

    Why even post a design here when you can’t handle critical comments? There is obviously improvements that could be made, but who gives a crap anyway…this is not a product I would buy.

  • AMINATION says:

    i must say : TWO POINT+D

    so thnx for ur help :)…. but ..
    but you know only note gibberish ? or feel thats point too ? 😉

    again thnx & be success 🙂

  • Sofa says:

    It’s Pretty good idea. it’s remains to give a boost to him.

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