Super-Yacht With a Surprise

Eduard Gray’s high-performance 38m yacht concept is so sexy it will leave you drooling for more. Impeccable exterior styling is characterized by dramatic curves met with sharp edges that come together in symmetrical perfection. As if the yacht weren’t enough, it even comes with it’s own matching super sports car that fits snugly within the stern garage (yes, I said garage). You’ve got to see this bad boy, so hit the jump!

What’s under the hood? Just a little twin-turbo V12 that spits out 880hp, launching it to a top speed of 230mph. 

Designer: Eduard Gray


  • daniel says:


  • Quintin says:

    Has the designer used math or fantasy to come up with the performance figures?

    Looks like a powerboat., with the long unusable nose… (shame about all that space…)

  • MDesigns says:

    The sports car is a little odd but the powerboat looks every bit a billionaire’s extravagant yacht to showoff his/her money. I kind of like it.

  • shiverbrains says:


    “It’s the fastest car in the world, inside the fastest yacht in the world, and it’s got a garage, and a kitchen and an ATV and a zoo and a spaceship and an astronaut and a soda machine and a movie theater and popcorn and snacks and it’s gonna be awesomeeeee”

    ::high fives self::

    “…I’m such a good designer.”

  • serge says:

    Excessively stupid …

  • Rodger says:

    I saw this stuff a few years ago already. Still nobody realized it? Mmm. Not good. Let’s build it. I’m willing to live in it and sail it over the world to sell its concept. That’s me. It would be such a shame if this just stayed a concept.

  • James says:

    Don’t snort so derisively. You know that’s exactly how that went down.

  • Chris192 says:

    Wouldn’t the sports car grind out on the ramp? Sports cars aren’t made for ramps like that.
    Just saying.

  • momms says:

    boat looks nice, though I’m sure I saw this last year?

    You can count on 1 hand the amount of marinas in the world where you can drive the car off the boat as shown. Most are much higher from the water and don’t allow cars to drive right on the quayside.

  • mallard says:

    I assume those performance figures are for the car and not the yacht.

    Something that size would need more like 8000hp to do 230 mph.

    Either way, making any kind of claim of power or speed (of the boat OR the car) is daft when it’s obviously just a basic 3d model for rendering.

    If the ‘designer’ can show that this is any more than a styling exercise I’ll be very surprised.

    PS – If I were going to overcomplicate my life by designing a boat AND a car simultaneously, I’d at least try to make them aesthetically similar.

  • Chad T says:

    Has to mean the car. That yacht has 0 chance of ever going 230 mph. It’s impossible!!! The off shore scaters motors put out 1600 hp a piece and would blow that away.

  • Trout says:

    A NASCAR Stock Car puts out about 850 Horsepower. These cars unrestricted can reach a hair above 230 MPH. Does anyone think that water against a hull of a 10 ton boat has less drag than 4 wheels from a 3200 pound car rolling on pool table smooth asphalt?
    230 for a boat is extremely tough for a yacht, impossible…
    Miss Geico, a 39-foot fluorescent yellow powerboat with twin 1,850-horsepower Turbine Marine Inc. engines (they are, in fact, helicopter engines), to a win over the 50-foot Bud Light boat to claim a simple, yet prestigious prize: The Fastest Powerboat in the World. So that’s 3700 horsepower on a catamaran that is super light weight for its length and it only hit 210MPH…. Hmmm me thinks someone is lying….

  • nazim says:

    yes tha is nice boat good for maldives

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