Sounds Good to Me

SoundsGood is a hearing aid for women specifically designed to look like a classy earring. The device works in a very interesting way; depending upon the voice pitch of the speaker the earring displays graphic sound waves in colored signals. Different colors intuitively indicate if you are speaking too shrill, soft or appropriately for the user. I love the way technology is woven into an everyday object, so that the lady using the device is comfortable wearing the aid.

SoundsGood is a 2011 reddot design concept winning entry.

Designer: Tang Peiqi


  • enrico says:

    Cool idea behind a nice design!

  • shiverbrains says:

    If someone can’t hear it’s because of volume or background noise. Graphically displaying the PITCH of someones voice is completely unrelated and not helpful. If you can’t hear someone do you ask them to speak in a higher squeaky voice? Or a deep low voice? No! A simple volume knob and background noise cancellation (standard on all normal hearing aids) solves the problem perfectly.

    The only real problems with hearing aids are the embarrassment of wearing one and battery life, both of which are made much worse by this design. Did you even talk to anyone elderly or hearing impaired for this? They just want some self-respect and discretion, forcing strangers to stare at their ears and try to modulate their voice pitch is ridiculous, insensitive and cruel!

    • Dusk says:

      Embarrassment of wearing hearing aids? I’ve been wearing them my whole life I have never been embarrassed, they help me hear for god sake! If I needed glasses I won’t try and hide that fact!! If these helped strangers understand they need to talk clearly and it helped them know how fast to talk it’d benefit us. Jeez, making people aware isn’t insensitive it’s awareness!!

  • R.J says:

    great idea, but it might be invasion of privacy.

  • aMoesLOLO says:

    Beautiful design and that you can see what pitch you need to talk to. But you focus will be more on the device rather than the conversation. If someone do not hear good, that person usually says it to you.

  • wamprat says:

    Why is this for women only? I’m not seeing anything here that makes it female only.

  • Shiverbrains says:

    Well, as much as this design fails, he designed this to be a “classy earrings”.
    I don’t know who flaunts their plastic hearing aids as “classy” (especially with a random and completely unhelpful pitch display) but that was the designers intention.

  • Jimmy C says:

    I especially like how it shows signals for improper talking. Well done! I’ll be getting this one if my hearing fails.

  • Chrissie Kay says:

    WONDERFUL! Where can I buy these? Please design more – how amazing to have something like these as opposed to the ugly pink lumps we are usually presented with. Bravo to the designer!

  • Impressive how simple it seems to be and wise and developing at the same time. Well done!

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