The Crumpler Dry Red Collection

If you dig into the history of Crumpler Bags, it comes as no surprise to discover that they started off as a messenger bags company! Innovations and strategic planning made them venture into laptops, backpacks and travel luggage, building up the brand to where it is now. I wish they could redo the magic of a 2006 promo where Crumpler Stores in New York were accepting ‘beer in exchange for bags!’ Say, if I were to send in Antarctic Nail Ale, will they send me the entire Dry Red Collection?

Dry Red No 1

Dry Red No. 1 is a toiletries organizer and features seven separate storage zones – two wet, five dry – plus the convenience of an inbuilt hanger strap.

Price: US $40.00

Dry Red No 2

Dry Red No. 2 is ideal for holing your travel documents, personal knick-knacks, and gadgets like an iPad or other e-vices. It easily slips under the seat in front without stealing your legroom.

Price: US $90.00

Dry Red No 3

The mighty tike of bags, Dry Red No. 3 is your overnight companion on wheels! The front pocket is best suited for laptops and personal stuff. Love it for its convenience and lightweight!

Price: US $220.00

Dry Red No 4

Business cum pleasure…no worries, the Dry Red No. 4 accommodates a whopping 58 liters of storage! With many compartments to organize your belongings, this 3.7 kg bag is best suited for the week out-of-town! All external compartments can be locked and it comes with its own foldaway shoe bag and snooze-a-matic eye mask.

Price: US $295.00

Dry Red No 5

Say hello to this smart multi-tasking backpack, the one you want around for a holiday and business trips. It even features a mini office organizer up front, a padded sleeve for your 15-inch MacBook at the rear, and in between, an expandable general cargo space. It comes with its own cable pouch.

Price: US $175.00

Dry Red No 6

Backpack or suitcase? Suitcase or backpack? When it’s just personal belongings, your trusty 15-inch lappie and a few clothes and toiletries, you can go either way. Hence the Dry Red No. 6 — our travel light, travel right flash pack that transforms from harness to handle to shoulder strap haulage about as fast as you can change your mind.

Price: US $220.00

Dry Red No 7

Inspired by the classic briefcase, the Dry Red No. 7 is a very chic representation of the past. Strictly busy-ness, yet reassuringly anti-establishment, the modern form meets traditional function right here. It holds stuff, right from your passport, tickets, pens and paperwork, to your phone, other e-vices and up to a 15-inch MacBook.

Price: US $115.00

Dry Red No 8

Dry Red No. 8 features not one, but two padded laptop sleeves – both of them large enough to hold a 17-inch MacBook. Add to that a plethora of easy access spaces for everything from your passport, tickets, pens and paperwork, to your phone and other e-vices, and you have the ultimate portable office for doing busy-ness on the fly.

Price: US $135.00

Dry Red No 9

Dry Red No. 9 is a check-in size-rolling tote for the jetsetter. This briefcase-meets-suitcase is a four-wheel, five-star, seven zone shoulder, back and time saver. Light in weight yet tough enough to withstand the fiercest boardroom battles, it will hold several days of power dressing, two 17-inch laptops, plus all your paperwork, travel necessities and personal belongings.

Price: US $265.00

Dry Red No 10

Away for the weekend? No worries, the Dry Red No.10 is light (weighs only 2.5kgs) and accommodates 25 liters in volume. This compact Crumpler Four-on-the-Floor comprises an easy access external compartment for your travel documents, and multi-pocketed main compartment for your belongings – both of which are fully lockable.

Price: US $210.00

Dry Red No 11

Dry Red No.11 is an expandable carry all and sundry Crumpler Four-on-the-Floor that lets you pack for a good time and a long time. Tipping the scales at just 4.5 kilos, its 85-litres of mixed luggage spaces include ample internal and external compartments – all of which can be locked – plus a foldaway shoe bag and snooze-a-matic eye mask.

Price: US $320.00