Cool Air and More

Although we are heading towards winter, let’s not forget the folks from Down Under who are gearing up for their summers. I think escape from heat and reality should be more than just Kool Aid and popsicles; it should be funky like the Water Wave Air Conditioner. It features ambient lighting with moods like stars and water, matching sound effects and cool breezy air to lower your temperature. Now that’s what soothing summers should be like!

Designer: Min Seong Kim


  • Jimmy C says:

    So it’s an air conditioner AND an ambience projector? It’s a nice thought, but not everyone will be able to afford this.

  • Yes Jimmy, I think so.
    It’s sure exepensive but is a beautiful idea and I’m sure someone can afford it!
    Most of air conditioner have to be hidden, this one instead could be improve the living room design.

  • MDesigns says:

    Cool idea.

  • Light says:

    It’s a good idea of improving the living room design, but do you guys think it is a little bit too big? I think if it be smaller, it will be much better.

  • Jitesh says:

    Is this just a concept or is it available to buy?

  • Won'tWork says:

    How does the AC Work? Where is the water byproduct stored or released? There is a reason all air conditioners vent to the outdoors…

  • Peter says:

    Everything in this site is Concept Jitesh exept the produkt in the “store” of course

  • I love the product getting rid of those ugly Air conditioning units.
    And maybe they could hide those nasty tubes in the sealing.

  • ob says:

    hey, ur work had been published here. glad t see it. i love this design.
    and i was very impressed with ur presentation.
    wish u luck.

  • Gabriela says:

    When will this be avaliable for sale? I NEED THIS!

  • fuckoff says:

    wheeere did u see the price???

  • Arul says:

    Excellent way to make use of the space an air conditioning system would already use.

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