Productivity boosting modular work desk that rearranges to give you breathing space!

Whether you’re working from home or from an office, a cluttered desk is the one thing you can never truly get rid of. Add a busy office space or a chaotic house to the mix, and maintaining your productivity through the day becomes a rare goal we all hope to achieve. Especially in the creative field, a cluttered desk equals a cluttered mind. Poland based product designer Wiktoria Lenart decided to design ‘Worknest’, a unique work station to aid us (and I’m sure herself included) in organizing our workspaces. Worknest is a modular wooden workstation, completely customizable and flatteringly minimalistic, but its ultimate productivity boost comes from the modular portable unit that doubles as a screen.

Designer: Wiktoria Lenart

When the office overwhelms you, threatening your peace of mind, just roll the slatted screen to your side giving you a break and shelter from the commotion around you. You can fill up the slats with anything from plants to productivity-enhancing tools like a whiteboard. When not a screen, this unit doubles as a background for your productive workspace.

At first glance, Worknest appears to be your usual work desk; wooden, crisp and simple. However, it has a few surprises up its sleeve!

The surface of the desk has been embellished with subtle grooves and thin slots enabling it to accommodate a variety of accessories from stationary to plants!

The grooves are built to fit in white vertical dividers which serve as paper/book holders, privacy screens (offices can be overwhelming when they have to), and even magnetic boards.

These panels are complimented further by plastic containers and baskets which can serve as planters as well as pots for your pens, pencils and other stationery.

The desk is accompanied by a portable unit with several shelves, sturdy enough to hold a wide range of items. Add a couple of planters or potted plants to it, and you have a speck of fresh green in your workspace!

The shelving unit can be easily attached to your desk, to create a wholesome workspace, a mini office complete with privacy screens and ample space for all your office equipment!

The final result is truly a nest, an organic space where you can work in peace, with all your vital materials in plain sight, and arranged to perfection. “I wanted to create very simple elements that give the users the ability to organize things on the desk their own way, but where everything still remains in its own place,” said Wiktoria. And that’s exactly what she’s managed to do! Whether you work at home, or in an office, Worknest is the organic and clean work desk you didn’t even know you needed.