Flat Packing the Piano

Would Mozart and Beethoven have a problem if their grand piano was digital and came flat-packed? I think not, if they had a sense of humor, they would totally appreciate this new outlook at transporting one of the biggest and heaviest of home furniture! I like the Foldable Digital Grand Piano, I want one, and hopefully it sounds as good as the real thing!

Designers: Yun Jin-yeong & Jeong Seong-hun


  • Jimmy C says:

    Nice idea, and it looks great too!

  • A says:

    A novel idea, but slimmer and lighter electric keyboards have already been created. Do we really need a keytar with legs?

  • propa says:

    looks ugly….

  • R.J says:

    Good think, but it can’t impossible. cuz, all kind of grand piano consist of high quality structure, so grand piano has a huge size. It doesn’t has a merit compared with digital piano. You must understand grand piano. It just kitch..

  • geester says:

    totally pointless redesign of something that doesn’t need redesigning. Ill start with the obvious. 1. A grand pianos shape came about because of its internal compenents and acoustics. Digital pianos don’t need to be shaped like a Grand piano, so they can be smaller, so therefore do not need to collapse.
    2. The small number of grand pianos sold each year and their shipping requirements warrants your space saving argument as “greenwash”. 3. It’s ugly, and why does it look so complex. 4. Who would buy it? there’s no customer base. Makes me angry when Yanko shows stuff like this.

  • avedis says:

    wah! looks good! perfect! wer can i find these?

  • N.N says:

    I think that the sound is also compact and easy.

  • Spiderhole says:

    Very sleek. i can this piece in a modern house with open spaces, it would compliment as an art piece.
    i think it could also be used as a table for drinks where people stand around it and chat!

  • Tommy says:

    O.K. It is a design exercise! But did anyone notice they must have been looking in a mirror the whole time. The design is backwards to the traditional shape of a piano. The left side is the bass “strings” which are longer and heavier. The right side should be shorter with the treble “strings.” As someone said, looks good in a modern home setting. I’ll take my big bulky grand any day.

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