Koala Pad Under the Keyboard

Wait! Don’t get your pants in a twist! This is actually a much more advanced design than the title would have you believe! The Koala Pad was a drawing tablet produced and distributed in the 1980’s for Apple IIe computers and Atari and all sort of super neat stuff like that. Well here’s something not only super neat, but super new! A fully-integrated tablet-in-laptop concept, for you new-agers!

I’m sure you remember the oldest drawing pad, the Koala, if you went to school when the Apple IIe was the main model. I do. I thought that drawing tablet was the greatest invention ever invented.

For some, that thought stayed strong. Inventors, illustrators, designers, and artists galore use drawing tablets every day! But they’re a little bit of a hassle. Why? Because they’re a whole other tool you’ve gotta take out.

But with this tablet/laptop concept from Victor Bivol, we’ve got total portability! Finally I can get a hot chocolate and double-chocolate brownie in the coffee shop and draw with all the other hipsters in my city.

Thank you Victor!

Designer: Victor Bivol

Design Concept: Laptop for professional designers from Victor Bivol on Vimeo.

Drawing Tablet Laptop Concept by Victor Bivol