Lasers on my Wrist, PEW PEW!

The Elusive concept watch came by way of an intern at Dassault Systemes because we totally support the newbies. Yes it’s minimalistic but actually pretty functional too and makes a whole lot of sense. The gist of it all is time is projected onto you skin via lasers. The overall effect is futuristic and saves power since you only access “time” when you need it. Otherwise it’s a pretty nifty looking bracelet.

Designer: David Blanc


  • This is fantastic watch. How many years they need to make this creative item

  • Jimmy C says:

    How do you set the time? And where do the batteries go?

  • Smashing says:

    Excellent project.

    Really like the metaphore of the “elusivity of time” !

    Looking foward to buy it !

  • greg says:

    The design is very similar to the Aurora Watch also introduced here, but I like this too! Nice 🙂

  • peterk says:

    when can I buy it?
    how can I buy it?
    where can I buy it?
    how much will it cost?

    How do you set the time? And where do the batteries go?

    please don’t say, it’s just a concept. i’m really interested in it!

  • froggy says:

    Don’t like the execution of this concept, colors looks not attractive. Lack of details…
    It is a very bad copy of the Aurora Watch concept.
    To me it is a failure.
    Sorry it is really ugly.

  • benc says:

    We have to use both hands just to check the time(or date)?

  • Matt Zipfel says:

    What happens if you have hairy arms? Do you have to shave/wax???

  • Carol Costa says:

    How do you set the time?
    Excellent project! Looking foward to buy it, too!

  • David BLANC says:

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for all your supports and comments.

    For answer any question :

    1) This watch it’s a concept
    2) It’s possible to check setting with two buttons on the back of the frame of watch (you can see it on the last picture)
    3) I didn’t think on hairy arms. My first aim it’s to highlight the relativity of “time”. Sorry, I don’t considered this details…

    If you want to contact me, I give you my email : [email protected]

  • Donna says:

    How could I buy it?

  • filcan69 says:

    i wish i have one of this, great concept!

  • dewe says:

    think this one would be better and you can buy it..

  • MattK says:

    Wow, great modern design. I like that orange one.

  • Hunter says:

    I hate to be that guy, but it’s just a concept.

  • Hunter says:

    In my best Cell voice: “OM FARIN’ MA LAISAR!”

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