The cube to rule your gadgets

When we first introduced the Wondercube to the world back in 2015, it seemed way too ahead of its time. Two years later, it still leaves me in awe! The only thing that’s changed since then? It isn’t a small-time Indiegogo crowdfunded project anymore. The Wondercube is actually available to us all! Fitting more functionality into a piece of plastic that’s just a cubic inch in volume, the Wondercube works as a data transfer cable, charging cable, OTG USB, Card Reader, Emergency Phone Charger (with a 9V battery), Emergency Flashlight, Phone Stand, AND a Keyring! Incredibly compact, and unbelievably useful, the Wondercube is truly a feat in design and engineering, fitting everything you could possibly need into an item as small and inconspicuous as this. Let’s remember… it’s been two years and no one has been able to best this bad-boy yet!

Designer: Mutants DesignLab

BUY IT HERE: $44.99 $69.00