Flexible Disposal!

The Flex Bin is intended for the kitchen but I can picture it in almost any room of the house or office. Flexible ribs made from polycarbonate, extend or contract to easily tuck in any-size disposable bag. Easy to maintain and clean, I love this flowery concept and would love to see it a home store!

Designer: Jon Liow


  • San says:

    well done! wow!

  • poop says:

    but then you have to look at the trash…

  • jand says:


    this is a brillant idea. Produce it also for bigger binbags and it has a bright future. Today you have all sorts of containers but somehow they always manage that the bags won’t fit. They are a fraction to small or to big.

    When the flexibility of the arms is gentle and still firm enough to uphold the binliners, then the problem can be out of the world for ever.

    I certainly would like to try a +80cm high model.
    Let me know.

  • KH says:

    What happens when something tares a whole in the bag?

  • Kevin says:

    that’s just like putting a stool upside down…

  • simple and clever !
    I really like the minimalist effect 🙂

  • Ethan Creasman says:

    I believe there is a second opportunity here. The trash bag market developing a bag to make the aesthetics even more desirable. clever.

  • propa says:

    totally good.

  • trsisha says:

    it is simple yet more practical and useful in day to day activities

  • Dave says:

    Very clever concept but like KH says, one little rip and your gonna have a “bin juice” problem. Maybe a little pan at the bottom or some means of capture.

  • ken liwanpo says:

    Fake – it’s not called stealing. It’s called innovation. Otherwise Apple would be responsible for ‘stealing’ the idea of a portable mp3 player. Design isn’t always about a totally new idea. Taking existing ideas and making them more relatable or more applicable is just as good as a new product.

    I hope you have some good examples of design in your personal folio.

  • Anderson says:

    I agree with ken. Some of my favorite designs are objects that have been re-designed /re-invented. this seems different than the wire-framed one anyway. its aesthetic would suit kitchen tops and use while cooking. Plus plastic would be cheaper to produce than that wire one.

  • D.Shamarli says:

    Brilliant!simple and functional

  • Ben says:

    If only because wanna put on plastic bag easiler, then why not make it less plastic? This thing looks way to much plastic, I think the material can make 2 to 3 normal trash bin already. Think about eco point of view please. I’ve seen many plastic bag hanging bin which is much slimmer and just a simple frame work.

  • Fee Berry says:

    I like the idea, but they seem to have missed a trick, not having them stack neatly. I can see lots of situations where it would be useful to be able to store three or four of these until needed … and the easiest way to store them would be to have them stack into each other.

  • Kub says:

    ken – it’s not called innovation or design. It’s called just a styling or restyling.

  • Retas says:

    It’s not the most innovative piece I’ve seen. But it’s still innovation. It’s taking something that exists, and making it better/different.

    Kub how do you restyle something without designing it? Chairs have been around for hundreds of years, does that mean everything sold in Herman Miller isn’t design?

  • yo says:

    Kub you just called 80% of the things on our shelves – non-design.

  • jsj23 says:

    mono block upside down , great idea! =0

  • Haha, well seen!

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