For the Joy of Charging Phones

Everyday my husband and I fight over who is going to charge their mobile phone on the dresser outlet first. Not that we don’t have plug points around the house, it’s just an apt-place-and-ego-tussle that we have going. So I almost did a cartwheel when I saw this concept of a coat hanger + USB Charger! It’s so perfect for my situation! My dresser if full of essential stuff and I can place only one mobile phone at a time on it, so this is like the solution I am looking for! I’m sure you will like it for other reasons than mine, but heck, it’s a good idea no doubt!

The Hanger USB Charger is a 2011 Sparks Award entry!

Designer: Yong Jae Park


  • Drew says:

    Sure, let’s drape insulating, flammable material over a power transformer.

  • IT Rush says:

    What the, I’d rather use my solar charger.. interesting work though..

  • Rob says:

    Does anyone have a power outlet in their closet? Not a bad idea, but it could use more use-scenario exploration.

  • YongJaePark says:

    Thank you for your good advice, but it is not used in a closet.
    However I agree that use-scenario exploration.

  • Michiko says:


  • seong mahn says:

    So Cool !!

  • Linda says:

    Your idea is good but you need to make up for the week points

  • design+ says:

    please study how a hanger is used.

    you will soon find that this idea has a big flaw.

    a huge flaw infact, that makes it useless.

    옷걸이가 어떻게 사용돼는지 잠시만이라도 생각해보시면 이 아이디어가 왜 실용성이 전혀없는지 아시게 될거에요.

    아이디어에 심취하다보면 큰게 안보일때도 있죠.


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