Top 10 futuristic tech designs for diehard tech lovers

At Yanko Design, we believe in constantly innovating, creating, and evolving. It’s a philosophy that serves as a lifeline for us, and one of the results of this lifeline is the YD x KeyShot Inspiration Hub! The Inspiration Hub is our ‘ever-expanding encyclopedia’ of design work for you to participate in, to inspire designers, and to get inspired by. Created in collaboration with KeyShot, the Inspiration Hub is your one-stop space for inspiration where designers like you can submit your impressive designs and be awarded to stand out in the crowd and to inspire other like-minded designers.

To kickstart your journey and send some motivation your way, we’ve curated some of our favorite futuristic tech designs from the Inspiration Hub. These unique and uber-cool tech designs will motivate you to create something spectacular and submit the design, as a gateway to sharing it with the best of the design world. Additionally, we will also be picking our favorite Design of the Week, Design of the Month, and Design of the Year – every week, month, and year from the submissions on the Inspiration Hub. Keep an eye on our Instagram page and the Inspiration Hub to see if your design gets picked. Fingers crossed!

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1. UV Protective Eyewear

Who thought safety wear could look this dapper? Andres Belisario’s laser/UV protective eyewear is all kinds of cool with its almost Balenciaga-ish out-of-the-box design. The curved rectangular visor sits directly in front of your eyes and nose, covering your entire peripheral vision, while giving you a futuristic aesthetic that looks more modern than industrial. 12/10 would wear this in the workshop as well as outdoors!

2. Smart Prosthetic Arm

Called the Smart Prosthetic Arm, this wearable design by Xander Lihovski is his interpretation of an AI-controlled prosthesis design. The innovative arm perfectly merges AI and smart technology, and has a rather robotic look, in an attempt to normalize the usage of prosthetic limbs in common spaces. A digital interface wraps around the prosthetic arm’s elbow crease that operates as the prosthetic limb’s smart hub. It has been conceptualized in a black variant and a white variant.


Designed by Vaengyu Design, the SO;DOCK is a futuristic-looking air purifier designed for households that house a single person. The compact and nifty product is designed to provide a healthy and pleasant breathing experience to users, while also transforming disposable items into reusable things. The aesthetics of the SO;DOCK are clean, minimal, and matte.

4. Robotic Arm

Designed by Office for Product Design for Elephant Robotics, this 6-axis collaborative robotic arm features a seamless and sleek body built from anodized CNC machined aluminum. It’s an uber-cool-looking matte black robotic design in a compact form that packs a punch with its small size.

5. Rescue Jet Uno

Designed by Hsin Chen, this sleek and intriguing-looking vehicle is called the Rescue Jet Uno – Kyorca. It’s an underwater vehicle designed for various emergency situations. Of course, it’s not a real tangible design at the moment, but it could be something that we see sometime in the future, being used as front-line automotives in the water.

6. The Samsung Action Camera

The Samsung Action Camera is designed by Isaac Lee, and it is a nifty and compact contraction that has been equipped with a wide-angle lens, record button, control knob, digital viewfinder, and an LCD screen on the top. The side of the camera features two USB-C ports and a 3.5mm aux for an external microphone. The camera’s unique transparent exterior is its star feature!

7. Eco

The electrolarynx is an essential device to help those who had a laryngectomy to be able to speak again. However, it can be inconvenient to use one, hence Luca Persico designed ‘Eco’ – a simplified and more efficient version of an electrolarynx. All the buttons have been reduced to one, and there are only three simple steps required to operate it. The lightweight and ergonomic design can adapt to the diversity and multiplicity of users’ bodies, therefore transforming the complex electrolarynx into an easy-to-use and intuitive device.

8. The Air Boost

The Air Boost is a unique sports mask concept amped with the branding of Nike. Designed by ByungJun Lee, the electronic mask concept replenishes oxygen and provides you with it while you conduct aerobic exercises. It supports your breathing and facilitates the circulation of clean air, and offers oxygen from oxygen capsules when you need it. This helps to speed up and improve your post-workout recovery since it prevents oxygen deficiency and debt that can take place during physical activities.

9. Husqvarna Charging Modules

Designed for mountain bikes, these solar charging modules by Anshuman Kumar are branded under Husqvarna. The concept was designed to help riders ride to remote locations, without the constant terror of their EVs dying down, and not being able to find charging sources. The charging models are powered by solar energy, and are a great companion for adventure seekers who love tricky road trips to offbeat locations!

10. Pavy’s Earbuds Design

Designed by Simon Pavy, this innovative earbuds concept is a unique audio device that can be used while traveling, playing sports, or during any activity where we have limited or no access to our smartphones. The nifty device combines AirPods and an AirPods case with a new and improved iPod Nano screen, hence creating a hybrid of the AirPods and the iPod, resulting in a gadget that has no need for a smartphone, since it does it all!

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