Congrats on Your New Embryos

Based on a set of life-sized statues that were shown at the Coarse solo exhibition in Chicago in 2010, Coarse now introduces their latest “oop” series. This first vinyl toy release in 8 months is a milestone — the start of the very first 7 inch series by coarse. This version goes back to the beginning of life, showcasing signature coarse characters in embryo form, a chance to experience them at their purest. OMG this is creepy cool!

This release takes place at the dawn of their existence. Each one evolves from spore to shoot and from to fruit to flesh. Once emerged from their protective pods, they are ready to begin their lives. Start collecting to form your own oop garden, watch as they grow to become noops, and eventually begin to fade. If looked after lovingly, they promise to yield a happy harvest.

This line incorporates the softer side to the sometimes shadowy coarse world. It includes oop and aw! as a freshly delivered box-set. The two curly embryos come in two editions. The hkg brood is presented in innocent-white/blush, and the signature brood in white/sunnyside-yellow. The radiant twins come housed in cuddly sponge in a solid oop container, with an air-vent and carry handle, ready to take home and be raised.

oop loser — hkg brood
Limited to 200 pcs

HK$ 1280

Includes one birth certificate.
Price includes global airmail shipping.
On sale March 8, 2011.
Available exclusively at the coarse online store.

oop loser — signature brood

HK$ 998 [US$ 136 — MSRP]

Will be available at coarse retailers in summer 2011

Mark Landwehr and Sven Wasch are the artists behind coarse, and became recognized by art collectors for their sculptures and vinyl figure releases. For details visit the all new coarse website at

Designer: Coarse