Sake Drinking and Knockout Lights

Apparently there is a Sake drinking ritual where the glass should never be empty, meaning someone (probably the host) has to keep refilling the glasses – no bottoms-up allowed! A few drinks down, I am sure no one is in a state to keep up with traditions, however if you are bent on rituals then Masuzake is the glass for you! This unique glass glows bright as soon as the alcohol poured into it! Although I don’t drink, I’d pick these glasses up in a jiffy, just for their crazy novelty value!

Masuzake even won the Bronze award Koizumi International Lighting Design Award this year! Let’s drink to that; hic!

Designers: Jongmoo Lee & Taehwan Kim


  • Ray says:

    There’s a reason why cups are usually cylindrical or partially conical in shape. When you pour (ex down your throat) the liquid flows down in a narrow stream because of the shape of the cup. Squares on the other hand will produce a wide stream and drinking out of the corner is cumbersome because of the increased width of the cup.

  • It’s a fabulous glass…may require a bit of finessing on the drinker’s part.

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