This thin handheld gaming console comes with motion detection sensors for deeper immersion

Handheld gaming consoles are making a strong comeback, by the looks of things. While Steam Deck, Asus ROG Ally, and Nintendo Switch already have a stellar presence in the market, Sony is also jumping on the bandwagon with Project Q handheld. The gaming console is not exactly a full-fledged handheld (what everyone would have actually loved) that can play titles, rather a gadget to stream games from PlayStation 5. Strange but true!

Since handhelds are trending more than ever, a concept gaming console that brings more features for gamers is long due. Meet Nova, a minimalist handheld for gamers who demand equal dexterity with offline as well as purely cloud-based gaming.

Designer: Elbar Nasraddinli

The handheld concept is designed specifically for the Azerbaijan gaming community, but we find its ergonomic design to be pitchable for a wider audience too. It’s got motion sensors to enhance the in-game experience for titles where a deeper immersion is desired. Elbar has kept the form factor quite thin from the middle and a bit beefy from the sides, where the gamers need a superior grip.

Nova will be available in three color options – Black, White, and Karma. The Karma being the flashiest, with a cool combination of black and white. The D-pad and the input buttons are quite subtle, with a matte finish for better control while profoundly sweating during longer sessions. Those shoulder buttons are also precisely positioned for precise input. The wide screen of the handheld console holds merit for titles that are tailored for wider screen ratios.

While we wished the joystick could have been more profound, after all, as a gamer, you don’t want to seek out tactile input in the middle of a shooting frenzy. But the thin design for the handheld is a great advantage when stacked against the likes of Switch, Deck, or ROG Ally.