Fusioon And The Tea Bag Story

Coming from a country where tea is not so much of a ceremonial process but just a necessity of life, concepts involving the right amount of steeping and fussing amuse me no end. Adding to my list of fascinating tea stories is the Fusioon Spoon Concept, where an appropriate niche holds the green teabag for centralized dipping, so that it receives an equal amount of water from all sides. The clever design also takes care of the used bag efficiently. Maybe it’s time I acquired some international tea drinking skills, or maybe I should just stick to instant coffee!



  • Heel Me says:

    Where can we find it ??

  • James says:

    Two things spring to mind. Firstly, there’s nothing really stopping me from just tying the string around a normal spoon in the middle and balancing it on top. The second is that not all tea bags have the string attached; in fact most don’t.

    It’s a cute little personal project, but not one for mass production I wouldn’t have thought. Unless there are a few simple people out there asking how much it is or where we might be able to find one….

  • Ray says:

    Is the spoon of a special wood that will leak it’s flavour to the tea as well when you stir? Because that would be kind of cool

  • furniture says:

    wuuw! beatiful dude!

  • Yes! Finally something about manhood extender.

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