Age of the Notebook Kitchen?

The Electrolux Mobile Kitchen Concept combines three basics of modern-day kitchens: a 4-tier induction cooking element, an efficient cutting board and a touchscreen computer for your recipes, downloads and nutrition facts. The placement of the three as a tribute to the laptop makes it a truly portable design. My only concern is the functional relationship between the three. Although the renders make the placement of pots, chopping board and the tablet look synchronistic, but in reality will they hold good? Oil squirts, fumes! Nevertheless, as a camper or travel companion, it fits the bill!

Designer: Dragan Trenchevski


  • Nivek says:

    Well that’s pretty neat… Though I’m not sure about the grater… maybe a few knives or cooking utensils would be better?

  • mariess says:

    i’d like to see someone overclock this…

  • Er… is it really possible to churn out enough power from a *battery* to cook food? I’d swear I’ve read something about “current limit” and internal resistance in batteries. You wouldn’t want the battery to explode while trying to heat your macaronis…
    Can someone explain to me the benefit of jamming a laptop, heater plate and various kitchen utensils into one package? Having separate items, optimised for their respective function, seems to me way superior in flexibility and use of money… but maybe that is just me?

  • mariess says:

    also think of the melting circuit boards and exploding cpus from overheating… it’s just a concept tho. no need to pull it apart too much.

  • Nivek says:

    Maybe its time to learn more about induction heating…

  • dare I say that heating element is wicked close to the circuitry and the processor?

  • Grace says:

    induction technology works on way that only heats the pan or pot that you put on it and it has to be from feromagnetic material. it also uses less energy than electrical.

  • Johnny says:

    Putting aside the heat factor for a moment, can you imagine trying to read a recipe through all the grease splatter on the monitor?

  • rhe says:

    But where’s the built in blender and micro-freezer for a beer?

  • Ray says:

    Touchscreen right? So you have to reach over your pan, which is probably spitting out grease like the fourth of July, just to navigate. Even if you use induction cooking, the pan and it’s contents will radiate heat, will the hardware be able to take it? The steam from your cooking may hinder any video watching/conferencing capabilities.

  • Alberto says:

    Yeah, this was one idea that should have stayed on the drawing board . . . . . nice renders . . . . . sorry!

  • will the battery not leak if there’s too much heat?

  • jay says:

    where are the buy this item “Age of the Notebook Kitchen” and how many price it ???

  • Rick says:

    Although it doesn’t say i’m guessing this would be stainless and waterproof, made for kitchen environment not as any other laptop. And this is not a computer on which you can work, it’s just has a screen on which you can browse recipies.

  • CotuitTim says:

    I usually find these concepts and workups quite interesting but this notebook cooker is beyond comprehension. Why would anyone be so ignorant that to cook eggs would need an internet connection:? This strikes me as a very bad idea and I wonder how electrolux became involved.
    We have a new cordless electrolux floor sweeper which has a run time of 20 minutes… but then takes a 16 hour recharge rest. How about working on this issue.

  • Arthurist says:

    Oh, I just love to feel the burning heat as I’m reaching to browse YouTube over my hot pan while cooking something!

    But seriously, do some designers (especially those featured by Electrolux) nowadays even think about such things as the process of how their design is used or just combine a kitchen appliance with a “bedroom” electronic powered by unicorn hamsters and run?

    Spiffy designs you have there, Electrolux!

  • Muncy says:

    seriously, wtf?

  • Seriously, there is someone sitting next to me on the tram and making breakfast…

  • Maryline says:

    Campers certainly don’t need this. Sure it’s easy to transport, but are the recipes necessary? (It’s camping after all). Is the luxury of this item necessary on a camping trip? I like the idea of a mobile kitchen for mobile homes and trailers where more space can be provided by removing the built in kitchen and utilizing a mobile kitchen, but this concept would not fulfill that need. Reaching over the hot surface, grease spitting all over the screen and the equipment are not such a good idea.

  • anoush says:

    insanity. awesome “concept” i guess. but i’ll rely on my iphone or a laptop on the table..

  • jaychra says:

    actually this is interesting if construction could be worked out – would be great for cooking demos or crafty activities out in public spaces in cities etc, universities or anywhere there is wireless access. but i agree, need to sort out the heating issue, the computer components would need protection.

    the idea is great though, not just for camping. could be awesome for a basement hangout or similar, imagine making up ramen or something with friends. or experimenting small scale.

    in any case – i know i always have a kitchen laptop ready for online recipes – save paper!
    this would be serving a great purpose even if it was just for that.

  • Hunter says:

    Most of the complaints on this page will satiate if the design is flipped; place the induction stove on a stand or platform (ideally adjustable for height) and set the computer screen to hang below it.

    This way, the user can navigate the on-screen content without reaching through steam and airborne cooking liquid.

    Now my only concern is: Will such a small battery be able to run both a computer and a stove? Likely the user will operate the product close to an outlet…

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