Paper Cushion

So we have the office shredder that shreds paper to bits and then we dump it for recycling. Now how about adding a twist to the process? Let the shredded paper fall into this self-sealing clear cushion cover; fill it up to become a beautiful cushion. Agreed it may not have a very long life, but as a stress buster or a kitsch pillow it will add a dash of excitement. This is one cool upcycle idea!

Designer: Gyeongwan Koo (Oliver)


  • DH says:

    Are you sure you will like the real product?

  • june says:

    hahaha fun idea
    you are genius ~~

  • A says:

    Well At least you can always count on an epic pillow fight at any/all office gathering[s]. It also makes great confetti for those cold weather celebrations!

    I can see this being a good solution for airline headquarters. All their shredded documents can be usefully repurposed into travel pillows (and, depending on scalability, blankets) to stock their airliners!

    The possibilities are virtually endless!

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