The Reading Finger

Finger Reader is a fine example of how visually impaired can be more independent in places like a grocery store or shops. The reader is a combination of a finger device and Bluetooth Headset, where the finger-pointer scans products for barcodes and relays the product information to earpiece as audio instructions. Info like product description, price, ingredients, nutrition etc. is easily accessible. I think it will be a good aid!

Finger Reader is a 2011 Sparks Award Entry.

Designer: Hansub Lee


  • Jarosław Ciupiński says:

    I’d like to see visually impaired person trying to find bar-code.

  • Johnny says:

    Ya beat me to it, Jaroslaw. If NFC ever makes it mainstream and replaces the bar code I can see this working, but until then I can’t imagine a blind guy getting any use from this at all.

  • mmdkk says:

    That was my first thought when I saw this! We think of all these hi-tech gadgets but overlook the basic steps and needs. I think this is the case of ‘solution first’ product not a ‘research first’.

  • SShiverBBrains says:

    Where is the information stored? You need a complete and constantly updated catalogue (with vocal translations) of every product ever released.

    This might work as an accessory for smartphones but I can’t seeing this being feasible as a stand-alone unit without a cellular connection, with means monthly fees and spotty reception.

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  • LI_Mom says:

    Even blind people can learn the general location where manufacturers place their bar codes on various products & then it’s simply a matter of including a small ‘bump’ on the label that will indicate where the barcode begins.

    Blind people have been reading since the early 1800’s!

  • very..very.. nice

  • Rene says:

    I, being blind myself, am a little irritated about this new device. Aren’t there already enough barcode scanners we can use? I personally think using my cell phone as a barcode scanner works well enough. The problem, as already pointed out, is a different one: No matter which scanner I use, I do have difficulties actually locating the barcode. So if you want to invent something great: How about manufacturing a small camera with a much greater scanning angle? If it were to be developed as an add-on for cell phones, I can imagine it being useful for many more purposes than for just scanning barcodes.

  • jonlynnzhou says:

    Read speed, the speed of operation is real, rather than the parameters of the scan head indicate, are more than Lou scan head 100 to 200 per second when, in fact, a handheld collector speed, in addition to factors other than the hardware, software system is essential, the use of the process, the machine crashes are not as many people have had the experience of some relatively poor performance of products that do very cottage, sometimes misread barcodes, crash, the more you use the more tired .
    In fact, the product needs to choose carefully, do not listen too much to subjective sales staff say, do not waste too much money to buy the big brands, not to corrupt those who have no access to their once a year the excess functions.

  • ms. jacque says:

    don’t know why braille of some kind is not on all pkgs…

  • Finger Scan says:

    Wow. It is very great. Thank you.

  • Daren says:

    Very similar concept to one being used for picking in warehouses, which uses a finger mounted scanner connected to a wrist mounted PDA, with voice feedback and voice recognition.

  • justaguy357 says:

    i need to know if anything more has come of this & why you havnt marketed this as media scout scanner alone u dont need the earpeice if you conect to a smartphone you can conect more than one bluetooth device at a time and my other question is how much of this is developed any prodotypes cost manufacuring cost product pattens i need info i am interested in helping

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  • Bruce says:

    I am visually impaired and legally blind. I am also Diabetic with high blood pressure. This is a great idea that needs to be brought to market. The only thing I can think of that it could use is a button to push after you decide “basket or not” to send the price to be added to a list anouncing the running total. This way you can immediatly have your total at check out if a dispute arrises. I hope you got first place because you should have. All you nay sayers out there whi say use your cell phone,just wait until you are there!

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