The Blend watch uses color theory to tell the time


Taking the watch and mildly altering one small yet crucial detail, Rinat Aruh and Johan Liden designed the Blend Watch… a watch without traditional hands, but with a design detail that creates the perception of them. The Blend uses the subtractive color model to create color compositions that tell time. The subtractive color model is basically how we get all our pigments (for example cyan + magenta + yellow = black), and the Blend uses it rather inventively to create blocks of color. Instead of relying on two hands to tell the time, the Blend uses two sheets of tinted transparent plastic with hands cut out of them. When placed over a white watch face, the layered sheets showcase a combined color, while the hands appear as the individual colors that were used to begin with. With each passing hour, the watch face creates colorful compositions that get really interesting especially when the two hands align, to reveal the white dial underneath!

Designer: Aruliden

Click Here to Buy Now: $175






Click Here to Buy Now: $175