Rescue Water-Jet Pack

Inspired by the JetLev Flyer (pictured with operator), a flying machine that uses high-pressure water columns to generate thrust, the Rescue Pack is a comparatively lighter but equally maneuverable flyer designed for water rescues inaccessible by lifeboat. Using high-pressure water generated by the pump, the user navigates the flyer via foot controls, freeing the arms for rescue maneuvers.

Designer: Jurmol Yao


  • Jarosław Ciupiński says:

    Having high pressure stream of water near a place where something went wrong and you need to help someone is just brilliant idea!

    Useful probably only if someone is hanging on a cliff close to water or above it.

    Taking something fun (water-powered jet-pack) and attaching to it some good purpose (rescue) just doesn’t always work if you want my opinion.

  • SUe says:

    Dont know about using that stuff for rescue. firstly doesnt seem as if it could store lots of water. but it might be a heck of a water sport

  • elleryxo says:

    awww he made a pretty picture

  • stephen russell says:

    Test this in Hawaii, Caribbean & for LA Beach Lifeguards alone.
    Id ride one.
    Add miniwebcam & TV & PA speakers.
    Must have for Harbor Use.

  • zeqojyft says:

    Admit it… Designer just played too much Mario Sunshine

  • Jimmy C says:

    It might seem a bit ludicrous, but he has good intentions. And as far as flight goes, I would love a jetpack like this.

  • mr.mind says:

    Read description: “…for water rescues inaccessible by lifeboat.” What this? Only such situation, if the storm, wind and great waves around. If this jetpack could fly through such weather – it will be a great thing.

  • Nic Lee says:

    please tell me where i can buy it .it is so amazing.

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