Eliminate stick drift with the GameSir G7 SE controller that has a paintable faceplate and wired-only option

Pissed off with unreliable joysticks that have the same old stick drift in first-party controllers that shows up after some time of use? A small issue that’s the most likely reason you’ll buy a new one to avoid any in-game disadvantage. Unfortunately, most of the officially licensed gaming controllers are plagued with this problem but at last, GameSir wants to get rid of this for good.

The famous gaming accessories brand specializing in gamepads has unveiled its new G7 SE Controller for Xbox gaming consoles and PC platforms. The controller comes with specially designed magnetic anti-stick drift Hall Effect triggers/thumbsticks and much more. Sure, there are ones by 8BitDo and GuliKit that come with Hall effect sensors, but this one steps up the game to the next level.

Designer: GameSir

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The gamepad is tested for 5 million cycles before it shows any sign of stick drift with this innovation. The Hall Effect joysticks named after Edwin Hall employ permanent magnets to measure the stick’s position and negate the stick drift that can develop with usage.

It’s based on the G7 controller released this year and is a wired-only version. G7 SE is also the first ever officially licensed Xbox controller with Hall Effect. Another unique perk is its magnetically removable, paint-friendly faceplate for a precisely customized look to reflect one’s personality. To prevent any accidental activation the gamepad has lockout switches for the rear buttons. Other common features include pulse-type vibration trigger motor and asymmetric vibration grip motor.

With a price tag of $50 (just $5 more than the G7) this is an absolute no-brainer option for gamers who are bugged with stick drift. The only thing that would have made it a sweet deal is the wireless connectivity feature, and we presume the predecessor will have this option. Although wired only means there’s less convenience but the assurance your controller won’t have any stick drift means complete peace of mind.


  • Swappable faceplates for customization
  • No Stick Drift even after years of use
  • Officially certified Xbox gamepad
  • Budget-friendly


  • Wired only option
  • No other we can think of!