Unique Custom Furniture

This collection of furniture by Jory Brigham combines high quality material and eye-catching style to form unique pieces that won’t soon be forgotten. My favorite: the Comfortable Silence bench, inspired by the simple beauty of nonverbal communication, features solid teak mixed with beautiful white or charcoal concrete in which your favorite plant or other item can be placed. I could sit on it and not talk for hours.

The Monroe credenza features a distinctly Moroccan style in it’s shape and intricate detail while the Parker credenza is easily customizable to fit a number of styles. Composed primarily of walnut, its simple and clean design are complimented by hand-crafted fluted doors and pulls inspired by an antique dresser.

Designer: Jory Brigham


  • WZhangID says:

    very chic, me gusta!

  • Very creative. Every single person creates their existence by their thoughts and actions.

  • Calligaris says:

    Impressive how the pieces blend contemporary and retro design. Take a close look to the passion and love Jory puts in his creations, look at the details, exceptional craftsmanship! Almost lost for words. Simple, classy and unique styling.

  • Nico Yektai says:

    I like the blend of the concrete with the wood. The concrete is so slick and form fitting that it almost looks like leather upholstery. I would like to see one in a more natural grey with pinholes in the concrete

  • Sofamart says:

    It so beautiful design I love it.

  • Clever idea and very nicely executed (the planter bench). I wonder about the leg joints however …..would they hold if a very heavy person sat “exuberantly” near the end?

  • sude taner says:

    I wonder where the water goes from earth.Is there any detail for this?

  • Cindy says:

    Are you wondering about the water for the planter? There is a drain hole in the bottom, so you can place a bucket beneath to drain and then refill the water.

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