Shell Ship

Shells have long been admired for their beauty, as a symbol of nature, and as a reminder of the sea. The Conch superyacht takes inspiration from the swirling twists and fluid shapes of a variety of these ocean objects. Fit with modern toys, this is one eye-catching design.

Length: 90m / 295ft
Beam: 14.2m / 47ft
Power: 2 x 4,830hp / 3,600kW MTU 20V 4000 M73L
A hybrid power Diesel Electric propulsion system with pod drives, electric Voith Inline Propulsors/thrusters, Volvo Penta D16 MG gensets, Valance batteries
Max Speed: Approximately 18 Knots
Range: 6,900 nautical miles at 14 knots
Fuel Capacity: Approximately 280,000 liters / 73,968 US gallons
Berth capacity for guests 16
Berth capacity for crew 20
Master suite, with owner’s salon, exterior balcony and private exterior deck area
2 VIP cabins with private exterior balcony
3 double guest cabins
1 twin guest cabin
The hull is made from steel while the superstructure is in aluminium, the more common combination for this size of yacht.

Designer: McDiarmid Design


  • eno says:

    what i is the function of the shell on top ?
    i see the lines in the body of the ship but the shell on top just ruins the overall feeling of the thing..

  • Kyle anon says:

    Lame. It looks like a sketch kids do in the margins, just fleshed out more. Lets draw a big orange boat, then put a shell on top…

    On the plus side, the coast guard will be able to spot you at the horizon line with that color scheme.

    Maybe do a little more study of the golden mean and work up some more sketches that actually have to do with conch boats.

  • MDesigns says:

    No other views possible? No Inside views? Hard to take serious dude.

  • jhingalala hu says:

    Where can i buy this??

  • nevena says:

    yacht design crap, thank god many of these designs never get to be realized considering how much a 90m yacht would cost (70-100millions euro)

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