This ultra-compact power adapter floored me with its transparent aesthetics and speeds to charge the iPhone

Quick and efficient charging is a demand created not only by the sprouting gadgetry, but it’s also a prerequisite for all of us living in the fast-paced world. We need our phones charged before boarding the subway and the laptop battery full to the brim ahead of a presentation. Catering to this demand, fast charging tech is evolving by leaps and bounds, bringing charging duration down to mere minutes.

Fast-charging batteries are a mandatory accessory in modern-day gadgetry: phones, laptops and more since they facilitate users with less time waiting for their devices to charge and more time on the go. As companies scrape charging adaptors from the device packaging, there is a tremendous demand for third-party manufacturers to provide powerful and inventive charging devices. Case in point, Nomad’s 30W output charger, which steals the show with its looks to peek through.

Designer: Nomad

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At first glance, this Nomad 30W USB-C charger is an outright attraction. You can see through the shell (comprising transparent plastic) and watch the electronics within in action. Perhaps, you may not see anything like the complicated mechanical movement of a timepiece visible through the skeleton dial or a transparent case back, but if you have celebrated Nothing’s naked earbuds, this accessory deserves applause as well.

Yes, the GaN components forming the innards of the compact charger have their own story to tell as you see them in action, but other than that, the Nomad accessory has nothing more intriguing to rank in its sales pitch. For the sake of the gimmicky semblance, it is an exciting device for the eyes, otherwise, it’s an ordinary 30W charger, even though Nomad may just choose to agree. The accessory manufacturer believes that this 30W stylish charger in a transparent black body is a powerful device to own.

Available in a form factor measuring marginally bigger than Apple’s original 5W USB-A charger, the 30W USB-C Power Adapter packs almost six times the punch. The $30 odd charger can effectively charge iPhones faster and generate enough power to juice up a MacBook Air on the go. If you wanted an adaptor for your iPhone 14 that can charge it at a faster speed than the base one, Nomad has got you covered with transparent aesthetics to spice things up!