360º of Sound

I’m sure from the looks of it, you could decipher how the Bell Tweeter works. Sound radiates 360º from the cone. Change the volume by spinning the body. There are some definite advantages to this setup over the traditional ones, namely being able to evenly fill a room with sound. With multiple bells, one could easily adapt their current setup to accommodate audio delivered in every direction.

Designer: Samohvalov Sergey


  • Jimmy C says:

    Not bad! I’d buy it in a heartbeat!

  • Shanne S says:

    Interesting concept.
    Similar to Altec Lansing VS4621.
    Two things I’ve noticed;
    One based on the diagram, the tweeter has an odd shape.
    Two, since the 360 degree aspect relies on it bouncing off of an obtuse angle, wouldn’t there be distortion?

    Oh, and any plans for a subwoofer set with this?

  • Zu-Ning C says:

    Not only the obtuse angle but just the spacing between the lower and upper half would change which freq. of sound would sound louder/softer.

  • Alexander Lakos says:

    It is almost the same as Razor Ferox

  • Pyrosopher says:

    They look interesting and a but funky, but are they any good?

    The diagram shows that ~320 degrees of sound is going in the wrong direction! Do walls really have ears? Can the appreciate my block-rockin’ beats? Isn’t this going to be a waste of energy? It could make the sound worse by unnecessarily bouncing sound off walls.

    I can see the use if a single speaker was in the middle of a room, in the ceiling or something, but that would be mono and who wants that?

    It seems to me that conventional speakers will deliver better sound with less energy by focussing it where you want it, not entertaining the walls.

    Form over function. Bad design.

  • Bazz says:

    Something very similar was invented in australia by john burnett in the early seventies. check out lenard audio.

  • Dane says:

    @pyrosopher are you an acoustic engineer? Placement of such a speaker in the corner of the room would do little more than muffle what little sound is being produced by the arc length of the speaker that is facing the wall. 360-90=270. I’d much rather have a full 180 degrees of sound more than regular speakers. Great design.

  • matthew says:

    interesting idea. how much and when do they come out?

  • Albion says:

    wow, can see some major flaws. They are going to take a lot of power to kick out the same volume. As its a 360 degree cylinder of sound rather than a cone, the drop off will be immense. No to mention how much this will be affected by angular objects. A cool party peice and not bad for carrying round as an ipod speaker or the like but not something anyone would want in their living room if they listen to a lot of music.

  • Clay says:

    I like the design and the idea, but just because it delivers 360 sound dosent mean it uses more or wastes power. The speaker probably uses the same wattage or less than your conventional speaker and like Dane said even if it is next to a wall you still get 180 sound so most likely you getting more bang for you’re buck. I see nothing wrong here and would definitely buy some.

  • Miguel Ochoa says:

    I don’t like this modular-like sound system. For fortunate’s sakehood because the knowingness of the surround sound makes unbelievable harmonic resonance. I only say this because of the obvious rationality by week. Next week would’nt be the same not many speakers of yesterday’s make and model can’t say either only because of the re-make ability.

  • Good for an outdoor party. I won’t of there is a weather proof option.

  • Stupid autocorrect. Wonder*

  • Just some guy says:

    Mirage has been utilizing 360 degree, reflective audio imaging for years, their trademark is “Omnipolar Technology”… in nature, only a small percentage of sound is directed straight at our ears, the majority of it is reflected.

    I’ve owned Mirage soundsystems for years, they sound great. So the good news is this concept of 360 degree audio is more than plausible. It actually helps broaden the sound stage and makes the location of the speakers disappear.

  • mikefromearth says:

    I think this would be a horrible speaker. Sound bouncing off walls, furniture, windows, etc. People have been working for YEARS to stop this.

  • vikalp says:

    Awesome project dude…. best of luck….

  • Jason says:

    Subwoofers are 360 anyways… low ends always are because the strength of the vibration waves

  • Plankt'n says:

    Does NODODY remember Ohm’s Walsh driver, this is just a rehash.

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