Entree d’Air – Bottled Air by Theo Aldridge

Today, oxygen bars are popping up all over the world offering flavored airs that can supposedly clear your mind, relieving migraines, hangovers, and stress. With smoking becoming banned in restaurants, Entree d’Air is a consumable that can be shared amongst a table to end their dining experience with a “healthy, and clear mind”.

Entree d’Air offers a rejuvenating sensation after a meal among friends. Each bottle contains only the purest air from the cleanest and most exotic places on the planet. Marketed in much of the same way as today’s bottled water, clean and crisp graphics on each label depict the geographical location from where its contents was acquired. Enjoy the smooth purity from the top of Mount Fuji, Japan or the rich zestfulness of South America’s Rain Forest.

When the bottled air is tapped, the inner rod begins to glow, adding to the ambiance until gradually fading when it has been completely consumed. The regulator screws into the nozzle at the top of the bottle. A quarter turn clockwise will open the valve, releasing compressed air into the regulator chambers. The regulator supply air to one or two nasal candela lines as desired. Both consumers have their own dial that can be adjusted to their preferred intake, with each bottle lasting 10 to 15 minutes.

Designer: Theo Aldridge