Sexy Sound Box

The Sound Box is more than just a docking station for your iPad (or iPod); it is a radio and alarm clock with integrated hard drive to store your music. I love the super simple and sexy vase-styled wireless speakers. They blend into the room so perfectly. Touchscreen controls and intuitive interface are a given, what’s hot is the minimalist style that is so in-line with Apple products.

Designer: Emanuele Canova


  • delo says:

    Hello, this is very successful and contemporary art.

  • backwayeh says:

    nice! but is there a need for all those renderings haha… i mean: 7 images of the dock/box?! speakers have an awesome form though.

  • Grey says:

    Only works in white, unless the white on the red speakers was to color match as well. Great looking set though…very NICE!

  • Mummy Ninja says:

    really really really really awesome! I love it!

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