Blank – Customizable OLED Phone by Chris Kujawski

Utilizing a flexible Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) touch screen, Blank is based on the principle that the device that you carry with you most often should reflect your personality as much as the clothes you wear, car you drive or music you listen to. Since those may evolve from season to season, your phone needs to accommodate that. By providing you with a ‘blank slate’ in the form of the OLED touch screen that wraps the entire front of the phone, you are free to express yourself in any number of ways visually by downloading static or even kinetic skins that make your phone come to life, just the way you want it to.

The full coverage OLED has a number of other benefits over traditional phone screens as well, such as a much lower power consumption compared to LCD’s, a higher contrast ratio and the ability to customize the interface and eliminate unneeded functions from sight. When you want to text, bring up a full QWERTY keypad, when you’re dialing, only numbers appear on screen. The removal of a dedicated keypad also allows you to watch media in true widescreen format.

Designer: Chris Kujawski