Extraterrestrial Hybrid Bike

This electric bicycle concept is out of this world! The INgSOC, by designers Edward Kim and Benny Cemoli, combines the aerodynamic shapes of triathlon designs, flexible handling of traditional bikes, and advanced hybrid power technology into one super-efficient commuting machine that (to say the least) looks, well… unearthly!

The frame is constructed from carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) for its high strength yield to weight ratio. Adaptability comes from mono-direction reinforcing of the frame, directing stiffness by orienting carbon fiber strains along a projected trajectory.

The battery which powers the motor, integrated front and rear lights, as well as a charging dock for communication devices, entertainment, or navigation is directly charged from the rider’s own energy output to maximize efficiency.

Designer: Edward Kim & Benny Cemoli


  • Alberto says:

    One of the best designs i’ve seen here in a while!

    I wish I could have one for my next birthday!

  • lulu says:

    peugoet en moins bien!

  • delo says:

    Too more extraterrestrial hybrid bike, but I like very much.

  • zeratul says:

    haha looks loke a starcraft protoss bike 😀

  • nisamGoc says:

    i truly is extraterrestrial…wonderful job!!! hope one day we could buy these 😉

  • salkis says:

    fantastic design, any bike without the hassles of the chain is truly astounding. I read in ripley’s believe it or not that one newspaper many decades ago hailed the creation of bicycle as the most important invention of the 19th century.
    I wish all the best for the inventors if they can come up working model on the market.
    what about one without the battery? it would be cheaper.
    pls think about it

  • jeen says:

    It`s a bit too much for too little.
    the design is sweating from details and curves.
    allthough i must say it`s amazingly done and it`s clearly tonns of work required super skills. much credit to the great designers.

  • looks amazing, though I can’t see how the rider adjusts the seat/handlebar position to optimize fit?

  • WZhangID says:

    Crazy cool styling but suffers from the same basic human factors issues as many other cool concept bikes on here.

  • Gene V says:

    Amazing, I want one!

  • Benny says:

    Thank you Yanko Design & viewer for the opportunity to showcase our work here! Your comments are very much appreciated and will play a vital role in our future design ventures.

    Sincerely, Benny Cemoli

  • Benny says:

    Thank you Yanko Design & viewers for the opportunity to showcase our work here! Your comments are very much appreciated and will play a vital role in our future design ventures.

    Sincerely, Benny Cemoli

  • Taffer says:

    Can designers that are trying to make bikes at least go cycling a few times before setting pencil to paper? The top tube is higher than the seat, making standing at red lights and other stops a bit difficult. If you want it to be a commuter bike, the angles should encourage a bit more of an upright posture, both for comfort and visibility. A rack would also be nice, so that the rider can easily carry a briefcase or bag. What’s the bit coming back towards the rider off the handlebars?

  • Beat says:

    Truly extraterrestial looks!
    But why is the smartphone placed in opposite of the riders bellybutton?
    – No chance to see the display.

  • sagar bhatt says:

    don’t you think its difficult to paddle this bicycle when it is not charged….. by the way i love your design….

  • sukumar haobam says:

    wonderful product!
    good styling

  • Playdo says:

    Hi Edward and Benny,

    Well done on such a nice design. I am curious as to whether it was modeled using NURBS or Subdivision techniques. It would be great if you could share information about your modeling and rendering tools and process.


  • Leslie says:

    Gorgeous design! I’m wondering if it allows for the rider to adjust the seat post/saddle, or if it’s integrated? What’s the protocol for breaking?

  • Leslie says:

    Gorgeous design! It’s as though my childhood imaginations/fantasies are being transcribed!

    If I’m looking at the images right, it looks as though you can adjust the stem, handlebars, fork, and subsequent components attached forward or backward, giving you an adjustable top-tube. (If so, brilliant!) I was wondering how the design permits for manipulating the height of the saddle? It looks like the seat post is integrated into the frame.

    What’s the protocol for breaking? I noticed there weren’t any break levers . . .

    Tubular or Tubeless tires?

    Is there any way to invert the stem with integrated handlebars so that the rider can be more aerodynamic, like being in the drops of a road bike?

    Last question: when will you mass produce these, so I can have one?

  • design+ says:

    well we all know this is just a concept
    “visual” model.

    so don’t QQ .

    interesting design to say the least.

    good work.

  • nice concept!! cool!

  • Robin23 says:

    This looks EPIC!

    I want one! but I’m not to fond of the colour, It needs to be in black! Or some sort of greyish sort of colour.
    I was browsing look for the best hybrid bikes but this concludes my search. Kind of the sort of thing you would see in that Japanese movie Akira lol

    now then, when will this be available to the public?

  • Jake says:

    lol this looks pretty uncomfortable and where would you lock it?
    i mean everyone would try to steal this thing

    nice design though

  • weshoner says:

    It’s a love story between an Alien and a Dyson… it makes no sense at all !

  • Michael says:

    Hybrid Bike is great designed toy and looks like from future.

  • showbikers says:

    The futuristic bicycle. So we wait for the future

  • Felipe says:


  • brian t says:

    There is a problem with the name, however, at least in some English-speaking countries. To anyone who’s read George Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty-Four”, the name IngSoc has a real, awful meaning. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ingsoc

  • mini says:

    Exactly what I was thinking. I habe a fish named Ingsoc. Ninteen Eighty Fout is my favorite book though.

  • John Doe says:

    As a piece of art it is something to behold. As a bicycle it fails. As mentioned in another comment here, the design is much too agressive for commuting and it does not seem as if it is at all adjustable. The article states that it was inspired by time trial machines and with the aim of a commuter bicycle. If they had known anything about cycling they would have known that these two styles of bicycles are worlds apart. In time trialing aero is king and comfort an after thought. With commuting it’s the other way around. There are also a lot of bits and pieces that don’t seem to have any fathomable purpose.

    So as a fanatasy bike, yes. As a concept of a real world articel, not so much.

  • Abhishek Mer says:

    I want this bycycle

  • Bob says:

    I want this bycycle too 🙂

  • Chill says:

    I also would use this.

  • MatthewCraig says:


  • Please make them! Please please please please please…

  • Emerich says:

    World it be posible to test The Bike

  • Emerich says:

    World it be posible to test The Bike ? This seem amazing but I would like to check this bad boy

  • Steampunk says:

    Designed for chimps or orangutans, obviously. No way I’m getting on that thing. Cool rendering though.

  • Lauren Allison says:

    How fast does this direct gear drive go??

  • JorgeQD says:

    Dear Benny.
    I think that your concept is worth pursuing, I would like to be able to further talk with you about production and distribution.
    Please reply with your contact information so we can talk about this.
    Thank you and my sincere respects,

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  • Christy Rilen says:

    Wow, thats thinking outside the box. Sometimes things stay the same for so long it’s difficult to imagine something new. So many new ideas, this is so exciting, lets hope that some of the ideas make it into production.

  • Sato says:

    Awesome concept … Looks like it’s heading to MOMA!!! I want one … It may not be comfortable … But cool !!!! Wow !

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