Folding for Power

Enough has been said on plugs and sockets and how we can do our bit to save electricity. Another attempt to make the green impact is the Folding Plug; it simply does away with the switch! The plug head itself is the switch. Snap it flush to the wall and the power is on; lever it 90 degrees perpendicular upwards and the circuit gets off. Intuitive and easy but not very furniture friendly I suppose.

Designers: Huang Guanglei, Wei Min and Jiang Zhongbiao


  • sikişme says:

    waow it is a interesting invetinon, very good.

  • Ray says:

    Why not just put a switch/button on a plug that sits flush to the wall? By using a 90 degree form factor (nothing new really) you’ve eliminated one problem (easily crimped, knocked out). By using a switch (also nothing new) you’ve fixed another problem (energy draining appliances). However the solution to the second negates the solution to the first whenever it is in use. You basically have to turn your, as you put it, furniture friendly plug into one that’s not so friendly whenever you want to stop your appliances from draining electricity.

  • rotule says:

    look like an ipod shuffle

  • Steve says:

    What a dreadful idea. So now when you’re sweeping, you accidentally pull the cord and the appliance turns off. Or, you have an appliance turned off, your cat steps on the lead, pulling it downwards, and the appliance turns on!

    Why not just buy a socket with a switch, if you’re that worried about things using electricity in standby mode?

  • Kit says:

    That’s lovely and all, but would not work with plugs that have grounding pins. Like England’s.

  • James says:

    Again, another plug for the American market to solve a problem that doesn’t exist elsewhere. Like Ray commented about putting a switch on a plug that sits flush to the wall. In England, the lead on plugs face downwards to the floor anyway and the switch in on the socket next to it which renders this whole idea kind of useless.

    Three pin plugs for example are around 3cm away from the wall anyway and have no need to pull the plug up and down to turn it on / off.

    To what Steve said, I had no idea you had a choice in buying a socket with a switch in it only if you were worried about electricity being on all the time. Here, they come as standard. It’d be a huge health risk to leave plugs in all the time without a switch to turn the power off. Maybe plug designers when trying to solve a problem like this, should just look abroad to other countries that have already solved any issues created decades ago.

  • Ning says:

    i had a pug just like this 15 years ago,the same as folding plug.

  • delo says:

    why not, but,If ii there much, as in the Office, it is a little difficult.

  • Martin Tokyo says:

    In Japan, this thing is also common. because the plugs are sooo feeble. As a German living in Tokyo I am always amazed how feeble they are. But then, it works, somehow.

  • Danylo says:

    It’s new? I suppose we have this in Brasil since 1900..

  • sikiş says:

    i had a pug just like this 15 years ago,the same as folding plug.

  • mr.mind says:

    Absolutely unuseful and dangerous thing. The electrical connectors must be strong and have not any moving parts.

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