Electrolux Design Lab Finalists – Top 8

Intelligent Mobility is the theme for 2011 Electrolux Design Lab and here are the Top 8 designs that made the cut. What’s really awesome about the whole process is that the designers get to present their case in front of an audience and do a little Q&A session with the grand jury. Keeping up with last year’s tradition of giving you live updates, tweets and pictures; this year too YD will be bring you the action LIVE from London! So bookmark September 7th, 2011; one innovative designer will be taking home 5000 Euros and paid internship at an Electrolux Global Design Center.

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dP8AHsgPNQQ 600 451]

Salvé Bagel Toaster by Kent Madden

The key features that make this bagel toaster energy efficient are the sugar crystal batteries it runs on. Alternatively the appliance can be recharged on a ceramic dock using induction. Freshly toasted bagels make breakfast more yum!

Smoobo Blender by Roseanne de Bruin

With each bounce, the Smoobo Blender’s kinetic batteries get into motion and work the rotary blades within. A refreshing smoothie is ready to drink in a jiffy! Simply love this idea!

Robo TAP Cleaner

Tap dancing lessons come for free with the Robo TAP Cleaner! The system is a combination of a remote control on your slipper that communicates with the cleaner via an IPS. Two taps near a dirty spot and the robo comes forth for its cleaning duties. Two more taps and the command is canceled. Three taps and the robo returns to its hub and is reset to automatic program.

Mobile Induction Heat Plate by Tommi Moilanen

Here is a very smart induction cooking plate with an equally smart phone app that allows you to safely heat food from a distance or even remotely. The system has been designed to work with intelligent food packaging where NFC-tags provide instructions on how to heat the food appropriately. The app remembers your previously used cooking options and pairs intelligently with the hotplate.

Onda Portable Microwave by Matthew Schwartz

It is the age of precooked dinners and so the Onda fulfills the need for a portable microwave oven that works with paper batteries. Ready-to-eat meals are packaged in compatible containers that slide the microwave onto the pack, from one side. “The aluminum contained within the interior of the handheld device creates a circuit connection when the seal of the packaging is broken.” Simply fantastic!

Ribbon by Enzo Kocak

I agree with the sense of déjà vu when I see this design, a multi-purpose heating and cooling element for on the go. The key feature here is the ability of the wrap to chill and heat…so this is a major refinement. Another feature is that the chargeable thermoelectric cell battery can also reverse the charging process. So when not in use, the cells convert excess heat back in to electricity. Basically you can align the Ribbon to form a hotplate or chill a bottle of wine.

Sous-vide Cell Cooker by Adam Miklosi

The art of slow cooking with a modern twist! The Sous-vide Cellcooker helps you plan and cook a wholesome meal via the smartphone, much ahead of time. You can plan upto a week in advance and the system help you in buying the necessary ingredients as well. Ingredients are sealed in airtight plastic bags and held within a water bath (72 hours is not unusual as a cooking time)—at an accurately determined temperature and much lower than normally used for cooking, typically around 60 °C or 140 °F. The intention is to maintain the integrity of ingredients and achieve very precise control of cooking.

Portable Spot Cleaner by Adrian Mankovecky

The weary traveler will do anything for a clean shirt, yes even carry the Portable Spot Cleaner! Living out of a suitcase indicates that you are pressed for time and clean clothes is the least of your worries. The Spot Cleaner refreshes a garment by using negative ions & steam to ease out the stains. It uses sugar crystal batteries to energize the device and is quite handy to program.