Here’s proof that tech wearables can be smaller, better, and more fashionable

A great way to design useful products is to cut the fluff by removing items that aren’t completely essential to the product experience. In the Circular Smart Ring’s case, that’s practically everything you’d associate in a smart wearable. The Circular Smart Ring is a deceptively tiny smart wearable that tracks your fitness, monitors your sleep, and delivers notifications. Weighing just 4 grams, the Circular Smart Ring sits on your ring finger, with a form factor that makes it look more like a fashionable ring rather than a clunky wearable. On the inside, however, is a 3-axis Accelerometer, an Infrared Optical Pulse Sensor, an on-board computer, a Bluetooth module, and a battery that gives the Ring 2 days of usage on a single charge.

By reducing the clutter, the Circular Smart Ring retains an impressive amount of functionality in a ridiculously small form. It does so, mostly by shifting a lot of the load to your smartphone. The Circular Smart Ring connects to your phone via Bluetooth, giving you all your data in a neatly collated dashboard. During the day, the ring captures your activity, blood oxygen levels, energy levels, calorie burn count, among other metrics, while at night, the ring ambiently tracks your circadian rhythm and records your sleep quality, heart-rate variability, sleep disturbances, REM cycles, and sleep and wake times. Using pretty state-of-the-art data processing and machine-learning technology, the ring, its app, and the app’s assistant Kira help you collectively better understand your health and give you bespoke advice on how to improve it. The interface on the Circular app can either summarize your readings or spread them out into detailed stats. Additionally, the app even has its own smart-alarm function that calculates the best time to wake you based on your sleep cycles, so you’re well-rested and energetic throughout the rest of your day. The ring uses subtle vibration pulses to coax you out of your sleep. These vibrations can even be customized to give you notification alerts when your phone is ringing, or when you get a message, DM, or email, and the ring comes with an in-built button that allows you to control it and its functions from muting calls to playing and pausing tracks.

This crystal clear focus and economy of function allows the Circular Smart Ring to be an incredibly sleek, fashion-forward wearable that bridges jewelry and tech. The lack of a screen, or a host of apps, music, images, calendars, clocks, and other ‘unnecessary fluff’ even enables the Ring to have a remarkably better battery life of 48 hours with continuous usage. Designed to be worn everywhere and all the time, the Circular Smart Ring comes with a water-resistant, scratch-proof design that weighs a mere 4 grams (that’s the weight of 4 paper-clips, if you’re looking for a comparison). It comes with a slick, titanium outer cover that can be swapped based on your fashion sense or preference. The titanium cover, available in matte black, silver, gold, and rose gold, reinforces the Ring, making it sturdier and impact-resistant, while allowing it to weigh as little as it does.

Ultimately, it’s worth giving the Circular Smart a hat-tip for doing all this without sacrificing its vision of creating technology that’s ‘beautiful’. The ring could easily be a couple of millimeters thicker, or even worse, could have a wraparound OLED screen, but Circular’s conscious choice to marry aesthetics with function and what Google refers to as ambient-computing is what’s really worth noticing. Outwardly, there’s little to diss about the Circular Smart Ring. It’s significantly smaller than its competition, weighs less, works for longer, looks fashionable, and performs all the functions expected from a fitness wearable. Besides, its creators say that the Circular Smart Ring is future-proof too, being completely hardware ready for any over-the-air updates that may roll out in the future.

Designer: Circular

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Circular – The Most Advanced Wellness Smart Ring

The Circular is a discreet smart ring that tracks your fitness, monitors your sleep, and delivers notifications.

On the outside, Circular is sleek, seamless, and discreet. On the inside, it’s powered by advanced mechanical customization and intuitive AI.

24/7 Activity Tracking

Quantify your physical activities with empowering metrics. Circular keeps track of your daily activities at all times so you can ensure you’re performing at your best.

Heart Rate Tracking

Know your body’s limit (and push them). Monitor your heart rate, HRV, RHR and SpO2 to perform at your best.

Sleep Monitoring

Circular analyzes your body signals during your sleep to help you keep track of its efficacy and make improvements.

Discreet Notifications

Circular discreetly lets you know when you’ve received a new text, call, or social notification so you never miss out on important communication.

Personalized Insights

Get real-time recommendations to optimize your daily habits. From poor sleep habits to activity slumps, Circular can help you figure out where you’re going wrong and how to fix it.

Smart Controls

Control your surroundings with a single touch. Phone ringing in the middle of a meeting? Silence it discreetly with a touch of your ring. Need a more upbeat track for your morning jog? Skip to the next track with a single tap.

Meet Kira

Meet Kira. She’s an integral part of the Circular experience, and her whole goal is to make your life easier—from helping you make improvements to letting you know when it’s time to step it up.

Get real-time, personalized recommendations. Control your ring, visualize your progress, meet (and compete with!) your wellness community, and get impactful recommendations through the Circular app.

Through the Circular app, you’ll be able to:

– Control your ring.
– Measure and visualize your progress through our sleep and activity scoring system.
– Meet (and compete with!) your fitness community.

Circular Never Sleeps But You Will

That’s because what Circular does best is synthesize and analyze your body signals (night and day!) for unique recommendations and advanced wellness correlations to improve your well-being.

Circular Tracks:

While designing Circular, the goal was to create a device that would assist us in responding to our body signals in a healthier way—helping us make optimal daily activity choices instead of just measuring the metrics. With Circular, you can learn about the effect of your sleep on your daily performance and the effect of your activities on the quality of your sleep and your future wellness.

They have spent a whole year working with sleep and activity specialists, doctors, and PhD. students to develop algorithms that effectively analyze your body signals in line with laboratory equipment.

The Design

When working out, you don’t want to wear a device made of precious gems; neither do you want to wear a plastic-looking device to an elegant event. They believe that wearables should seamlessly blend into our everyday lives, and that’s exactly what Circular does.

It’s scratch-resistant, water-resistant, and you can switch up your style to fit the occasion with interchangeable outer shells. Made in 7 sizes from US6 to US12.

The Power

Need a charge? Connect on-the-go with our mobile charging solution.

The Technology

The Circular ring connects via Bluetooth to your iPhone or Android device. Setting up the ring is as easy as downloading the app onto your phone, and all software updates are wirelessly transmitted to your Circular ring.

Built-in intelligence: There’s no on/off button on the ring; it knows whether you are wearing it or not. There is no need to notify the app nor the ring about what you are going to do. Circular knows when you go to sleep and when you do activities, and it uploads the subsequent data to your phone automatically. If your phone is not available, it can collect and store detailed data for up to 7 days.

Body Signal processing: The ring collects the body signals it needs using its dual sensors (Heart Rate Sensor and Accelerometer). Circular contains a built-in processor that will process the data and send it by Bluetooth to the Circular mobile app for analysis. The Circular app uses machine learning to better understand your habits and offer a personalized experience.

Wave free during your sleep: Although the 2400 MHz to 2485 MHz radiation output of a Bluetooth device is negligible to your health, the Circular ring automatically goes into “sleep mode” when it detects a sleeping state⁠—meaning that it is functioning without Bluetooth during your sleep while still capturing your body signals. It will synchronize with the app when you get up.

The Sensors:

– A precise 3 Axis Accelerometer
– An Infrared Optical Pulse Sensor

Having infrared LEDs means that there are no blinking lights on the ring to disturb your sleep because our eyes cannot see infrared wavelengths of light.

“How-To” Videos Below:

The Live Heart Rate

The Alarm Clock Feature

The Circles Feature

The Charging Solution

Click Here to Buy Now: $199 $338 (30% Off). Hurry, only 300/500 left!