Get All This Season – WIN 5 Classic Touch Screen Gloves

Are you seriously going to risk frosted-fingers because you can’t use your smartphone with regular gloves? Think innovative and think design…think! Exceptionally inventive and warm, are stylish gloves that invisibly work with your touchscreen. The innovative quotient is upped thanks to the special fibers sewn throughout the glove, that make it possible to use them with an iPhone, iPad, Samsung or any other touchscreen device! Hit the jump to know how you can WIN one!

To WIN one of the five Classic Touch Screen Gloves, tell us…

  • How will gloves will make your life better?


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Using MagLove technology, the gloves stay together even in your pockets and won’t separate in your bag. No glove on the market can boast about that! also sport a tag inside that can be used to clean your device’s screen; how thoughtful!

Thanks to a little bit of technology and loads of great styling, the folks at are able to bring us their philosophy of making gloves that people will use. The secret recipe in here is the Invisitouch material, which helps them look as stylish as regular gloves, but allows you to use your whole hand on the touchscreen easily.

The Classic is amazingly affordable (under $20) and the COZY has a super delicious lining that makes it the warmest touchscreen gloves. The LEATHER is the best full touch leather where the entire leather works without ugly tips! In short, if this holiday season you are looking for Form, Function and Innovation, then it is!

CLASSIC Touch Screen Gloves Classic is a fully conductive touch screen glove with real silver threading that is guaranteed to work invisibly with a touch screen using your whole hand (instead of just small, ugly fingertip pads). It’s simple. You want gloves that look good, and you love using your phone. So why use anything but soft, warm gloves that let you use your phone without exposing your skin to the cold?


  • Sandy says:

    MagLove technology,affordable and conductive touchscreen glove- just love them Yanko Design.

  • Ronnie Walker says:

    Without having frosty cold hand for texting and pickup calls, doesn’t make my life better, makes it PERFECT

  • Jtan says:’s gloves is the best gift for this coming Christmas, it doesn’t only warmth your hand it also melt your heart with the stylish and cozy design when you texting to your love ones during this festive season 😉

  • Vojta says:

    Working in a factory at winter times, taking picture and sending emails to co-workers is really tough without gloves, so gloves would make my work more comfortable.

  • Zohar says:

    With a pair of Glove.lys I’ll be able to walk my dog and text at the same time!

  • ryo says:

    i travel to work everyday outdoor, this pair will be extremely helpful for use while waiting for trains outdoor.

  • Miguel R says:

    Making my life better!? Simple, I live in Minnesota its too dang cold to expose your fingers to this brutal tundra.

  • Terry Park says:

    Living in the Windy City!!
    Winter is harsh in Chicago and it’d be nice to drive (leather wrapped steering wheel.. curse you!) AND control my music on my phone with gloves on!

  • Markus says: – the warm home for hands in cold times. Never go out without one. I just need it.

  • Jennifer says:

    I just love them. Never liked the ones with just the fingertip pads. These just look good and are so handy. 🙂

  • sandy says:

    I would use these at work to keep my hands warm in my freezing office.
    A replacement to my current solution of sitting on my hands!

  • academic one says:

    Gloves would help me navigate the city public transportation system during cold Chicago morning and late night travels.

  • Katie says:

    I have poor circulation, and my hands get cold so easily this time of year. I’m also a tech junkie! Having these gloves would let me use my iPad and keep my hands toasty at the same time. Sounds like they were made for me! My mom has the same issues, and I’d love to send a pair her way as well.

  • Grant Wall says:

    No longer will I have to decide between having warm hands or compulsively checking twitter 🙂

  • Toma says:

    Since we have severe winters in my country the gloves will help use my phone with my hands instead of nose (:D) when waiting for the train or bus and it’s snowing….and freezing.

  • Apart from the comfort these gloves would provide me, these would also PROTECT MY SCREEN FROM SCRATCHES that my nails would cause otherwise!
    Looking forward to win a pair of this nice innovation…

  • Apart from the comfort these gloves would provide me, these would also PROTECT MY SCREEN FROM SCRATCHES that my nails would cause otherwise!
    Looking forward to win a pair of this nice innovation

  • Lin says:

    I’m a college student that commutes to Chicago every day, and my friends are huge texters. It’s frustrating to always pull my gloves off to text, to the point where sometimes I don’t even wear them at all and just pull the sleeves of my sweater past my hands to keep warm. 🙂 It is a pain to use a smartphone in the cold! I’m sure these gloves will make things a lot easier for me.

  • As a prior US Army Medic my hands always get cold, whether it was in the winter in Iraq, Texas, or NYC. I love the snow but hate it when I have little to no dexterity when my hands get cold. Being raised in Hawaii, the winters is such a foreign obstacles for me. As a barely surviving college student in NYC, where the city is always on the go, itʻs a nuisance for me to answer texts or calls whenever Iʻm outside and donʻt answer them until Iʻm enclosed. Innovations like this and many others shown on this site are game changers, some smaller than others but it brings more ideas to the world. Help me bring my ideas out into the world with open warm hands. ^_^

  • Rashpal says:

    It will keep me connected while I volunteer in the Sochi Olympics!

  • Josh Winters says:

    I don’t even wear gloves anymore for this exact reason. It’s too much of a hassle to take a glove off to answer a call or write a text message. These gloves would be perfect for my day-to-day by warming up my life!

  • Sabina says:

    There is beauty and wonder everywhere, to be noticed. I will notice it no less without the gloves, but I will photograph it more often. Or even sketch!

  • Ben says:

    way nicer that those gloves with just touchscreen tips on the fingers

  • Daan says:

    Nowadays, people want to stay connected anywhere, anytime. Even when it’s freezing outside, we have the urge to look at our smartphones and tablets. With normal gloves on this is impossible and you’ve to take your gloves off everytime, which is extremely cold and annoying! With gloves of this problem is history. You can use your smartphone and tablet whenever you want without taking your gloves off and your hands stay warm. It’s a win-win situation! And that’s the reason I definitely want a pair of these gloves, fantastic!

  • James Martindale says:

    These gloves would benefit me because they would let me work anywhere. I am a high school student trying to balance my life between the International Baccalaureate program and making mobile apps. I do half of my work on the road on my smartphone or tablet, but winter is always a rough time because it’s too cold outside or on the bus to do anything. These gloves would let me change that and be more productive.

  • Isaac doubek says: would make my life better due to the fact that it is currently 15 degrees here and i’m just about to get my very first smartphone.

  • Justin Cobbett says: will keep my hands warm when I walk my dogs. Nice to not have to take off gloves to answer the phone.

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