This company builds fully customized ergonomic mice by using 3D scans of your palm

As a user of Logitech’s ergonomic mouse, I have to admit that it isn’t really the most ergonomic device I’ve used. You end up losing some amount of detail when you design an ergonomic gaming or performance mouse that’s meant to be for everyone – it’s sort of like making a single shoe that fits every foot. Now, while the footwear industry’s somewhat figured out how to build customized shoes, it seems like the mouse industry has some catching up to do. Leading the charge, however, is Formify, a startup that wants to 3D print a bespoke mouse that’s custom-made to perfectly fit your hand.

Designer: Will MacLaughlin

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Formify does this by scanning an image of your palm and feeding the data it gathers into a parametric software. The software then creates an outer shell that’s 100% ergonomically designed for you, and Formify manufactures the mouse based on those specs. The result, Formify attests, is comparable to a custom-tailored suit. The mouse fits your hand perfectly, providing just the right angle for your wrist, cushioning for your palm, texture for your fingertips, and lift for your overall comfort. Each mouse weighs in a ballpark of 55 grams (1.9 ounces), undercutting even Logitech’s G Pro X Superlight flagship gaming mouse by 5 grams, and comes with a 650 IPS sensor for crisp tracking, and esports-grade low-latency connectivity so you can use your mouse for everything from Gmail to Genshin Impact.

Custom Design – Custom-fitted grip for unmatched precision, accuracy, and control.

55g Average Weight – Lightweight agile design averaging 55g.

650 IPS Sensor Tracking – Cutting-edge optical sensor technology (Pixar 3395).

Low Latency Wireless – Esports grade low latency wireless.

Grip Textures – Five side-grip texture options available, with more to come.

The process of designing the Formify Mouse starts with a simple image of your hand. The image is used to extract as many as 10,000 different data points, from hand width to finger length, thickness, shape, etc. These data points help determine the shape of the mouse’s body, including its height, width, angle, curvature, and overall size. The mouse body is then 3D printed using Multi-Jet Fusion, with as many as five grip textures to choose from, for a better tactile grasp.

Designed for Claw-Grip and Palm-Grip.

Programmable Thumb Buttons – Two optimally placed programmable thumb buttons.

Kailh 8.0 Clear Switches – Crisp Esports preferred gaming mouse clickers.

Formify builds the mouse to support both claw-grip and palm-grip styles, suiting all users. The mouse itself is outfitted with a left and right click as well as a clickable scroll wheel, along with two extra programmable buttons located near the thumb. Industry-standard Kailh 8.0 clear switches give the mouse buttons a clicky, reliable response, and a PixArt 3395 sensor on the underbelly gives the Formify Mouse a tracking speed of 650 IPS (inches per second) and a resolution of up to 26,000 DPI so it tracks all your micro-movements too. The Formify Mouse also boasts a wireless design that pairs with a 2.4GHz USB receiver for low-latency connectivity and charges via USB-C, providing up to 2 weeks of battery life on a full charge. You can grab your own Formify Mouse for a discounted price of $142, which puts it in the ball-park for other flagship gaming mice, although with a custom-built 3D-printed ergonomic and lightweight design, you’re sure to have an edge above your competitor…

Click Here to Buy Now: $139 $177 (20% off). Hurry, only 126/175 left!