Intuitive Remote

This TV remote, a winner of the 2011 red dot design award, was optimized for the revolutionary, easy-to-use SFR “Neufbox Evolution” TV service. The minimal set of buttons helps to intuitively navigate through  entertainment features such as live TV, time shifting, video on demand, apps and more – even without need to look at the device or user manual. A dream come true for remote-dummies.

Designer: NDS

SFR Evolution – TV Experience from NDS Design on Vimeo.


  • Manuel A says:

    This is called apple tv, or sth like that.
    There are much better designs out there making the same.

  • James says:

    I see my comment was removed because I said how awful the design of this remote is, it looks horrible and would be horrible to use. This is more about the media system the tv uses. Or maybe it’s because I said that red dot design has no prestige and no designer should win an award through paying to be in the ‘competition’. There are actually very few concept remotes out there and this is the worst I’ve seen.

  • Joseph says:

    I have one. When I opened my bos I was like “WAW, it’s awesome”, but then I used it. It’s the baddest remote ever !

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