Performance jackets that are strong enough for your hikes, and stylish enough for your city

The world of fashion has always made a distinct separation between performance, aesthetics, and comfort. Clothing can embody a maximum of two of those attributes, but never all of them. Your fashion puffer isn’t high-performance enough to wear hiking, and your trekking jacket isn’t really stylish enough to wear in the city on a coffee run, or comfortable enough to wear to a friend’s place. Obviously, this isn’t something that’s done on purpose – but rather, one could argue that no company’s really ever thought of building clothes that are high-performance, stylish, AND comfortable… up until the guys at St. Terre decided to take on the challenge.

Designer: St. Terre

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St. Terre’s series of jackets are described as performance outdoor apparel that’s voguish enough to wear in the city too. The jackets are durable enough to weather a storm as you trek on rough terrain, or the pitter-patter of a gentle drizzle as you rush out to get some shopping done at the local 7/11. The jackets, designed by apparel industry experts at St. Terre, come in a variety of styles, from The Hurson (the brand’s flagship puffer which they absolutely swear by) to windbreakers, parkas, and even a sleeveless jacket for a bit of variety and also a perfect piece for layering. All the jackets are weatherproof, warm, and feature an abundance of features. They’re durable, are styled with either muted or vibrant colors (depending on your aesthetic needs), and come with embroidered details, brass fixtures, YKK zips, and St. Terre’s logo – a white stork known for embarking on rough journeys to migrate to more comfortable climates (sound similar?)

Gatier – Well-insulated, hard-wearing but also lightweight and effortlessly packable.

Hurson – The lines of its dynamic baffling set it apart from all other Puffers, and features like funnel neck and the shoulder panels help to fend off the elements.

Foresta – Designed to be worn in the downtime between journeys.

Aron – Features all-over baffling to provide stabilized insulation.

Ayes – A true all-rounder. It moves stealthily from being a trusty statement piece to a cold-weather layering hero.

The series comprises a total of 5 purpose-built jackets – all with intriguing names, the Ayes, Aron, Foresta, Gatier, and of course the aforementioned Hurson. Depending on the jacket, it’s water or shower-resistant, and comes with well-considered internal as well as external pockets to stow all of your gear, while select styles sport detachable hoodies and throat-guards, so you can snap them on in inclement weather, and pop them off when the rain/snow has subsided. To add to the jackets’ appeal, they use a feather-free insulation material from Sonora Aura which ticks all the boxes for animal welfare, and the guys say they will never use fur in any of their garments. Designed for just the right fit, the jackets come in 5 different sizes to choose from and a variety of colors to suit your outdoor style. The St. Terre folks even have a beanie and a scarf that you can get your hands on, to make the perfect outfit, and the jackets begin shipping around the new year, just in the peak of winter!

Click Here to Buy Now: Starts at $199. Hurry, for a limited time only.