The iEveryting Stand

iMac – check; iPhone – check; iPad – check; iPod – check; looks like anything prefixed with an “i” has found its way to my desk and to organize them is thePolyply. Technically Andrew Kim should be calling it the iPoly, but never mind! The stand holds iEverything in a manner that makes it easy to charge and orient as secondary (and subsequent) displays. I love the way the keyboard can be teamed up with the iPad in the forefront and the iMac in the background.

This particular stand was constructed out of acrylate polymer (acrylic plastic), birch plywood & birch. It holds an iPad, iPod Classic, iPhone 4 and a stylus.

Designer: Andrew Seunghyun Kim [ Minimally Minimal ]


  • Mich. R. says:


  • Mich. R. says:


  • moburkhardt says:

    where can i buy this?!

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  • pomast says:

    the i word that makes fascinating apple the marketing guru

  • Mike Barnard says:

    Is the plywood from an Apple tree?

    Seriously, beyond the obvious comments about Apple-gadget-aholics, the only mildly dissonant element is that wood, even marine grade plywood, isn't an Apple material. Given varying form factors of iPods, iPads and other Apple devices, you might also consider some mechanism of variability, perhaps inserts in a different material for different generations of devices.

  • Mark eting says:

    This is such a useful gadget and looks really cool as well

  • asfgj says:

    sure, its white, and it definitely looks right next to a keyboard. but a few things:
    a plug coming from the bottom left, a plug from the middle right – cable management anyone?
    the cylinder knob for a stand doesn't seem thought out at all – something mismatched glued onto the sleeker thin rectangular board.
    and then the left alignment of the right-side devices, the tipping over visual weight of the ipod. it could've at least been below.

    in fact, it'd be nice if the smaller products were right-side up, and the ipad was horizontal. then you could actually be using them all at once on the stand – the wider screen of the ipad and orientation of the ipod/phone buttons.

  • guest says:

    what a load of crap this is not design !!!! looks like a puzzle from when i was a kid where you place the missing pieces

  • Steve says:

    I would like to see something that links the devices together or something. This can only really be used for the iPad. Why would you want to use your iPod sideways? I think you should reconsider this design.
    It's a good start.

  • Ericisawesome says:

    Cut a half circle under the Ipad charger spot so a cable can run flush against the table and behind the stand.

  • PHuZZy says:

    now that is a load of iCrap for a bunch of iSheep………………

  • Mickeyd says:

    I leed this

  • Mickeyd says:

    I leed this

  • PoloWaff says:

    This would be awesome if the cables were to be inbuilt, instead of hanging out the side, one universal cable going in to the stand.
    Only fault, great idea!

  • Ray Manorak says:

    I too own an iMac, iPad and iPhone and can honestly say that i have never and will never, ever, need to look at all three of them at the exact same time whilst also listening to an iPod, using a mouse, keyboard and stylus. This is fucking ridiculous.

  • jordan young says:

    it would be better if they all connected to the board its self and there was only one plug comming from the board

  • Iain says:


  • guest says:

    this is for apple geeks who need to show that they are controlled!!!!!! crap who looks at there ipod sideways??????
    1 question what happens when apple updates their products???? ipad 2, ipod, iphone the dimensions are changed?

  • Ampersand Design says:

    Great idea. Even if you weren't using all items at once, everything has it's own spot and is in easy reach.

  • iNeed a new one

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