Magnetic Charging Cable with a Built-in Power Bank might be the most GENIUS Smartphone Accessory

Ever had a charging cable but nowhere to plug it? Or a power bank but no charging cable to connect it to your phone? The IVYCable Gen2 is an oddly brilliant product that solves both those problems. Designed like a relatively thick charging cord, the IVYCable Gen2 actually has four separate power banks built into its design. They’re all connected together, giving you up to 2800mAh of storage, and boast a clever magnetic design that lets the entire cable snap into a rectangular shape for easy, tangle-free carrying no matter where you go. Either use it as a charging cable by connecting it to a power brick/outlet… or just plug the cable into the phone on its own – the IVYCable Gen2 doubles as either a pass-through charging cable, or a power bank. Isn’t that simply genius?!

Designer: Matt Chang

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The IVYCable Gen2’s design sits at the unique cross-section between cables and power banks. It’s thicker than your conventional cable, yet much thinner than any power bank, with a magnetic design that lets it snap together or apart, depending on whether you want a compact portable mass, or a long cable for charging your devices. The highlight, however, is the five mini power banks that connect together to form the IVYCable Gen2. With a Type-A port at one end, a Type-C port at another, and flexible TPU connectors in between, the IVYCable Gen2’s five power banks have a max capacity of 2800mAh – enough to charge your phone from 0-100. The magnetic snapping action of the individual power bank modules also gives the IVYCable Gen2 the appeal of a fidget toy with how effortlessly (and satisfyingly) it shapeshifts from compressed to extended formats.

The IVYCable Gen2 solves a unique problem by bridging the gap between charging cables and power banks in a fun, addictive way

This unique shapeshifting design allows the IVYCable Gen2 to be used both as a charging cord, or a power bank. As a charging cord, the IVYCable Gen2 works with both Android and iOS devices thanks to its USB-C to Lightning connector that lets you swap between the two ports depending on what device you have. The cable works as a pass-through charging apparatus, outputting 10.5W of max power. That may not be a lot compared to the kinds of superspeed cables that go as high as 120W to fast-charge your devices, but the IVYCable Gen2’s 10.5W is a comfortable balance between speed and safety, ensuring your phone’s battery doesn’t degrade too fast. Meanwhile, when used as a pass-through charging cable, the IVYCable Gen2 charges its own batteries too, knocking two birds with one stone.

Disconnect the cable from a power source and it BECOMES the power source. The IVYCable Gen2’s built-in power bank immediately kicks into action, giving you battery backup for your phone or any other device just when you need it. The magnetic snapping feature then comes in hand, allowing you to bunch the cable up into a rectangular mass that you can then carry around with your phone easily (or slip it right into your pocket along with your phone). The fact that it has its own built-in charging ports means you don’t need a separate cable (which you would with regular power banks), and the best part is its ability to extend into a ‘long’ power bank if you want to keep the IVYCable Gen2 in your handbag but have your phone in your hand.

The unique design format, however, is the IVYCable Gen2’s most impressive feature. It solves a problem that not many people ever thought of solving, by creating a charging cable with a built-in battery that also has the ability to charge your phone on its own without being plugged in. It’s convenient to carry, easy to use, and the magnetic feature works both as a great organization tool (ensuring your cable never gets bunched or knotted up) to keep your desk and bag clean, as well as a fidget toy that your hands will want to play with all the time!

The IVYCable Gen2 comes in two color options – a classic silver version, and a stealthy anodized black variant. Both start at $43 (discounted from the original $69) and ship internationally starting April 2024.

Click Here to Buy Now: $43 $69 (38% off) Hurry, only a few days left!

Click Here to Buy Now: $43 $69 (38% off) Hurry, only a few days left!