Equestrian Inspired Trike

The Saddle concept vehicle merges futuristic styling, modern power technology, & equestrian influence into a go-anywhere electric three wheeler designed to tackle the roughest terrain. Inspired by the mobility & connection to nature offered by horse riding, the drivers seating position is much like being on horseback. The trike’s 3 independently controlled swivel wheels are piloted by use of a hemispherical gyroscopic steering mechanism consisting of 3 adjustable discs controlled by the user’s fingers. Saddle up!

The throttle system, modeled after horse reins, consists of three controls- two external hand throttles to control the front wheels, & a middle throttle to control the rear wheel. Using one hand to steer & the other to control acceleration, the unique navigation system allows many different maneuvers, from a complete circle around the rear wheel to lateral movements.

Designer: Attila Tari


  • Tom says:

    I think this is a beautiful design, but the steering system seems very complicated. It just looks unnatural to be leaning to one side trying to steer in both directions?
    correct me if im wrong!!

    Other then that, looks smart, and good fun to use!

  • MDesigns says:

    I like the attempt. I think the tires should be larger and beefier for proportion’s sake and the seating position looks uncomfortable. But great start. Agree with Tom above…

  • Lynx Alexia says:

    I am with tom it looks great but too hard to use.

  • Head Honcho says:

    Lone Ranger would have loved it!

  • vilsu says:

    eu quelu!

  • NASH says:


  • David Allen says:

    It is not complicated if you have ridden horses. The motions to steer are intuitive. Once you get past the idea that it is not a motorcycle or ATV, but rather a motorized horse, the steering and seating position make perfect sense. If all you have experienced is an ATV or motorcycle, it might take a little while to get used to. Horses can go forward, backward, side pass, spin in a circle around the fore quarters or hind quarters with just a change in body position and hand position. ATVs can not do these things.

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