Equestrian Inspired Trike

The Saddle concept vehicle merges futuristic styling, modern power technology, & equestrian influence into a go-anywhere electric three wheeler designed to tackle the roughest terrain. Inspired by the mobility & connection to nature offered by horse riding, the drivers seating position is much like being on horseback. The trike’s 3 independently controlled swivel wheels are piloted by use of a hemispherical gyroscopic steering mechanism consisting of 3 adjustable discs controlled by the user’s fingers. Saddle up!

The throttle system, modeled after horse reins, consists of three controls- two external hand throttles to control the front wheels, & a middle throttle to control the rear wheel. Using one hand to steer & the other to control acceleration, the unique navigation system allows many different maneuvers, from a complete circle around the rear wheel to lateral movements.

Designer: Attila Tari