The Prewash Wash

In a country obsessed with handwashed clothes, convincing someone to buy a washing machine is quite a feat. Yes Indians can do without machines, we want to scrub our collars and cuffs with plastic bristle brushes and dip our soaks in buckets of water. If only my friends knew about methods like the Wave Wash! The idea is superb for our situation. Stubborn stains need not be brushed off, urtrasound vibrations and little amount of water can do the same job in a jiffy.

The device works in sync with the big washing machines and can even control the machine functions remotely. Basically it does this; you have a shirt stained only in one area, so instead of dunking it in the wash, simply run the Wave Machine over the affected area. Its ultrasound and water technology clean up the mess and air-dryer dries it up. Wash the shirt in full-scale at a later date, when it gets real stinky!

The idea is to reduce consumption of water, machine load and manual labor of scrubbing. I like it!

Wave Wash is one of the 2011 Electrolux Design Lab Finalist.

Designer: Kim Min Seok