Safer Plugs Come With A Switch

Switch Plug is a redesign of the plug to accommodate a switch and an LED strip. Why? So that we can switch on/off the device right from the plug-head, get a good grip whilst removing the plug and avoid sparks while unhooking it from the socket. The LED is an added bonus reminder, just to ensure that we practice green etiquette. Simple and effective!

Designer: Gonglue Jiang


  • Jon says:

    Sorry, but we techies don’t need a plug to worry about. Cables especially need to decrease concern and increa reliability. And CLUTTER is the problem… Universal cables exchangeable tips moving into standardization. These boxes of cables drive me INSANE!!!!

  • Ray says:

    If you’re going to reach down to the plug to turn off your electronics you might as well just unplug it.

  • James says:

    I think this is just a 2 pin plug American problem. In England we have 3 pin plugs which have a switch on the socket right next to the plug so we never need to pull it out. Over here at least, having a switch on the plug itself would be pointless as it’d be about half an inch away from the switch on the socket. Do you actually have to physically take the plug out of the socket to stop electricity flowing through it in America and anyone else they use 2 pin plugs?

  • Alyssa Steffes says:

    I can see what you guys mean in previous comments. However, I do like the LED light on it. It might look nicer staying plugged in, but off, than just a lose cord laying around the outlet. Either way, I’m always interested in new stuff like this.

    Alyssa Steffes-

  • Terrance says:

    Very nice idea. I like the LED indicator. and I agree with Alyssa – I think staying plugged in is much nicer/cleaner than having a dangling prong on the floor. Good Luck with theconcept

    Terrance –

  • James says:

    Thing is with an LED light constantly on when it’s plugged in is not only is that using more electricity. Say you’re watching a film with the lights off for example, you’ve got this ruddy blue light in the corner drawing your eye all the time. Not every household has the ability to hide their plugs behind things.

    Not only is having the plug in the wall nice and clean looking, it’s safer so you don’t trip up the plug and if you’re away for a long time or don’t use a lamp for a while, the prongs will get a dusty build up. I am not in the habit of dusting my plugs! haha. It’d be a great idea if it were solving a problem that actually existed.

  • Alyssa Steffes says:

    I completely agree. I hate that one little light on in the corner of the room when you’re trying to watch a movie or even get to sleep!

  • Jess says:

    It’s a good idea but for me and other people with severe back pain, my issue is having to reach behind something or kneel under my desk to unplug something – which I would still have to do if the switch was located on the plug head.

  • Bob says:

    Does is not consume a small amount of power instead on none? Like cellphone chargers that stay in the sockets?

  • Arthurist says:

    1. If you already reach that far to power something off – wouldn’t you rather unplug it?
    2. I think it’s not very ergonomically correct if one has to reach all the way to the outlet rather than pushing a button on the device.

  • Grey says:

    Agree! maybe place the switch on the other end of the cable?

  • american says:

    yes you have to physically take the plug out of the socket here in America. We are kind of slow to pick up on good ideas that we don’t think of first sometimes.

  • fraz says:

    This would be a good idea for the uk. Some people have said that we have switches next to where the plug goes in – correct- but they have overlooked the fact that many people use a multi socket and turning the main switch off would turn everything off, which may not be desirable.

  • roger says:

    How do you expect to have the transformer and a switch built into that little box? The plugs start to get big and unwieldy.. This doesn’t make sense to an engineer.

  • Scott Graham says:

    I designed something very similar to this in first year:

    Same concept, but I agree with many of the comments: if you’re going to the outlet to turn off a switch, just unplug it.

    Gonglue Jiang’s aesthetic is much tidier and modern, as well.

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