Heinz designed the perfect roller-squeezer to extract 100% of the ketchup from their sachets

The handly little EDC device comes in the iconic shape of the Heinz ketchup bottle and sports a cutter that slices off a corner of the sachet, and a squeezer that lets you extract every last drop of ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, relish, or hot-sauce from those single-use plastic sachets.

If you’re a bit of a condiment aficionado, the Heinz Packet Sauce Roller might just be the perfect everyday carry. It’s small, straps right to your keychain, and lets you efficiently sauce your burgers, hot dogs, corndogs, or any street/restaurant food that needs smothering in sachet-based sauces/chutneys/gravies.

Using the Heinz Packet Sauce Roller is pretty simple. A slot near the ‘cap’ of the device lets you elegantly slice a corner off so you’re not fiddling with your fingers or teeth to rip open the sachet at the risk of getting ketchup everywhere. The other larger slot lets you slide the sachet in backwards, and the keychain-grip lets you rotate a set of rollers that squeeze every ounce of sauce from within the packet, reducing wastage and increasing sauce-age.

For a price of $5.70 I’d go ahead and argue that this product is really a nifty little marketing gimmick that you could probably buy if you really wanted to show off to your friends, although you’d just be better off skipping it. It would be nice if the folks at Heinz chucked in a bottle opener too, or made the slot wider so I could use the roller with toothpaste tubes as well (like Alessi’s toothpaste-squeezing buckle)… but all-in-all, it’s just a quirky little gizmo that has comic appeal more than anything else.

Designer: The Kraft Heinz Company (Heinz)