Alarm Everywhere

The Cicadidae Click is an interesting concept. It functions as a traditional alarm clock named after one of the most annoying families of insects (IMHO), but has a tiny bluetooth dongle with a 3.5 mini jack. Plug it into anything with a 3.5 mm plug with speakers and you could get some really amplified sound when it goes off. Talk about being JOLTED awake! Would anyone use anything like this?.

Designer: Jongwoo Choi


  • Brian padro says:

    I really need it, which seems to be a useful to me. Brilliant!

  • Jason says:

    Spirited Away playing on the TV in image three aside, this is a great idea! I feel like the ultimate alarm clock would be one that requires somewhat demanding exercise (e.g. pushups, situps, pullups, etc.) to silence.

  • Thanks a lot !
    Feel free to make any suggestions, plz. tell me.

  • Thijs says:

    Ofcourse you could even make the clock itself tiny as you would only need to have a transmitter inside. No speaker or something.

    My only problem with this is that you would have to have your speaker or tv on all night and that’s sort of a waste of energy. And without it, there is not really a concept.
    But still, I know a lot of people who don’t care for wasting energy that much and leave their stuff on all night, so this would be perfect for them.

    Congrats on the idea 🙂

  • Thank you for your comment.
    Of course, this concept may be waste of energy; however, this project is made for employee of business trip definitely. Empirically, although using this product is waste of energy, they seem to eager to get up early rather than waste of energy in that the conference is one of the most significant business for them, so being on time is of the greatest importance.

    Many Thanks!

  • Lmw odo says:

    This is actually a good use of blue tooth tech unlike how i can send pics and audio but i cant send docs from smartphone to pc

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