This modern kettlebell merges your living room design with your workout from home routine!

Hi Moon features an open, circular design that appeals to many modern home design elements.

Working out from home has changed the way we design free weights and exercise equipment. With our living rooms doubling as makeshift home gyms, all of the equipment that comes with it makes a mess of the room. Weights pile up in the corners and random workout gear clutters the couch.

In order to make a kettlebell as inconspicuous as any other living room product, a team of designers created Hi Moon, a circular kettlebell that could easily pass for a modern vase or piece of ceramic artwork. Hi Moon would look right at home beside a small bouquet of flowers or even on the windowsill.

Available in three muted colors, Hi Moon comes in coral-green, cloud grey, or peach orange. The array of available color options gives Hi Moon a versatile edge, fitting into several home color and design schemes. No matter where you’re working out at home, Hi Moon adds a touch of style to every home gym and living room.

The gritty texture of Hi Moon allows for easy handling and a secure grip. Following a period of brainstorming, Feier Design Studio settled on a final color scheme and shape for Hi Moon. Conceptualized in cloud grey, coral blue, and peach-orange, the design can seamlessly blend into any home color scheme. The circular, open form of Hi Moon appeals to the modern home and boasts an overall inconspicuous design.

Kettlebells are generally known for their bulky shape and awkward grip, but Hi Moon’s smooth finish adds a little more comfort to the traditional kettlebell and allows for a variety of different exercises and grip positions. While the more traditional kettlebell features a round triangle handle, Hi Moon rounds that out even further and gives it a gritty texture for easy handling.

Designer: Feier Design Studio