Hold On to Your Handlebars

Yet another air compression powered motorbike concept from our fellow Frenchmen. The Saline Bird was designed for the quirky speed record holders, Les Triplettes de Bonneville. The air tanks and other elements are nestled snugly within it’s carbon fiber frame. Riders sit in a skier-like position to minimize air resistance and the optional leather body panel adds a nice aerodynamic finish. I hope that hand-stitched hide is ready for some serious bug gut-splatter.

Designers: Charles-Edouard Berche, Ugo Spagnolo , Adrien Fuinesl, Frédéric Dobbelstein, Jean-Philippe Paries


  • yeah boiii says:

    Utilitarian and beautiful. well done

  • does it leave a colored line behind? 🙂

  • @upioneer says:

    something about sticking my nuts between two good-sized compressed air tanks i dont have such a good feeling about

    • Jenny Callahan Weinberg says:

      But you'd rather stick them on top of an explosive device like a combustion engine? Either way there is the potential to go “boom.” And this thing looks hot.

  • SwanDee says:

    Amazing…it's like Tornado

  • Kwinton Stanley says:

    Beautiful. . .

  • Hal says:

    Looks great but it gives no idea how far you can go before needing to refill.

  • SteveCan says:

    For short but quick trips I'm thinking

  • Techartzine says:

    hopefully saline bird could be the future of two wheel bike is very efficient …

  • gungdengurah says:

    if iam use this, no cops can touch me, haha

  • Jack says:

    Besides the amazing stremlined shape wich emphasize amazingly the two air compressors, I'm wondering about the effectiveness of the technology involved. A Designer should never think outside reality and efficacy.

  • Tommarv says:

    I admire the effort in designing new ways of mobility

  • jman says:

    To compress air you will need a compressor powered by electricity or petrol. Since there is a loss of energy when transforming one type of energy to another, it would be much more effective to simply use one of the aforementioned engines. Same thing with hydrogen, which takes lots of electricity to make. Remember, an electric engine is only as environmentally friendly as the plant powering it.

  • Chen An says:

    Terrific, what software you used for rendering?

  • on a toujours le droit de rever les bolides sont magnifique ! c'est top

  • ano says:

    I was going to say, sweet..natural gas!….yet when I learned it was powered by compressed air….

  • coltin says:

    could there be some way to intergrate the motion of the vehicle as an air compressor so you could refill the tanks while you drive?

    so that one tank is powering the vehicle while one tank is refilling with air.

    but whatever im just glad its not to crazy with hubless wheels and stuff

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  • Dobry projekt może być już pierwszą wskazówką czy planowana wielkość i lokalizacja reklamy świetlnej czy neonu będzie trafna.

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