The GT-R Uses Multiple Magnets for Stellar Quality Sound

Always the ones to push boundaries, Advanced were the first to foresee the iPhone 7 disappearing headphone jack problem and in turn created the Accessport to not just allow users to plug headphones into mobiles without an audio jack, but also have them listen to their music with amplified greatness, hearing frequencies and notes that often died out because smartphones heavily downsample your music. Now they’re changing the way you directly listen to music with the Advanced GT-R headphones.

Headphones (all speakers in general) are driven by diaphragms made to vibrate via magnets. The strength, nature, and design of the magnet helps add character to your audio. The GT-R headphones sport what’s known as a planar magnetic driver. Reserved for most high-end applications, planar magnetic drivers involve multiple magnets supporting a single diaphragm, resulting in a much more stable set-up that provides, simply put, better sound. While traditional dynamic driver headphones are much more commonplace, their economically viable nature results in trade-offs with regards to sound quality. Planar magnetic drivers are usually slightly on the heavier side, but the sound difference is said to be remarkedly better.

The GT-R headphones come with a design that gives comfort full priority. Designed to be the kind of headphones you would want to wear for long amounts of time, the plush earcups sit around your ear, muffling all external sound, while the self-adjusting suspended head-strap rests comfortably against your head, negating most of the weight of the headphones.

The headphones come with an open back design that allows the GT-R’s imaging to be accurate and realistic. Designed to cut out audio leakage thanks to the single sided nature of the drivers, the GT-R not only traps music inside your headphones, it also blocks all external noise from filtering in. Built with the kind of isolation that will make you forget where you are, and absolutely monstrous 65mm drivers that will transport you to the studio where the music was recorded, the GT-R headphones are designed to give you the audiophile experience, but for the price of a regular set of cans!

Designer: Peter Yoon

Click here to Buy Now: $199.00 $399.00 (50% off)


ADVANCED GT-R is an open-back full-size over-ear headphones that are built from the ground up to deliver uncompromising audiophile sound from its proprietary planar magnetic drivers.



The proprietary single-sided 65mm planar magnetic driver used to power the GT-R provides extremely transient and quick bass response and treble extension that far exceeds regular headphones in the market.



Open-back Design

The open-back design means that the back of the headphone housing is open. This allows the sound-stage to be ever so expansive, and its imaging to be accurate and realistic.



Supreme Comfort

The GT-R is designed to be comfortable for long listening sessions by utilizing the self- adjusting headband, exquisite protein leather and super-soft memory ear pads and padded headband. The ear cups rotate 180-degree to fit the contour of your head perfectly.



Beautiful Build

The GT-R is beautifully constructed with the premium high-strength steel and highest quality protein leather for prolonged durability. Each part is meticulously prepared and precision- assembled with near-zero tolerance for play.







Click here to Buy Now: $199.00 $399.00 (50% off)