Spacey MoonWatch

Adrian Castro originally conceived the MoonWatch in 2004 and decided to update it for 2011 using new materials and tech. Made of high-strength plastic, lacquered in different colors and equipped with an LED screen that displays time via numeric codes and digital hands. Other variations include titanium, gel silicone, leather and carbon fiber straps. The unique shape of the MoonWatch is supposed to better fit the wrist and the overall design is pretty unisex.

Designer: Adrián Castro Design


  • gandg says:

    here comes another render! if you put this watch on your wrist, it will be impossible to bend wrist up because it will dig into your skin…nice design, but usability is 0!

  • Ray says:

    I think the that it convexes towards the elbow rather than towards the wrist, giving plenty of room for the wrist up/down.

  • Nathan says:

    It depends on the wrist you put it on; is it the left then it will go to the elbow, but on the right it will go to the hand and make it harder to move your wrist.

  • rhe says:

    How would it adjust to different sizes of wrists? And it’s impossible (at least for me) to read the time – can’t figure out how it shows minutes. Numbers 2, 5 and 8 are way too similar – and they all look like 0. Besides, do we really need to see year and month all the time? Maybe if we’re lost on the moon…

  • ArtMan says:

    Come on people I really think some of the comments on this thread are splitting hairs. Do we really need a watch these days when every electronic from computers to cell phones has the time displayed? watches have become accessories and I think that this one makes a hell of a cool accessory, maybe the designer either failed to communicated or it could be thought of this particular watch to be ambidextrous. Just look at the new Wacom tablets that once you flip them the display adapts, it could very well work with this item so no matter which arm you wear it the watch’s point is directed on the opposite direction of the wrist therefore not interfering with that the wrist movement.

  • I want this watch! Is it enable for purchase? How much is it?
    Thank you.

  • thinktwice says:

    how is it that someone asks where they can buy every last concept on this site. They are concepts! Cant you tell?

  • LG says:

    You would think that with the technology of smartphones to change their display orientation, that whichever direction you’d want to display the information on screen wouldn’t be a problem…

  • Lindsay says:

    Yes How much and where do we get on im Australia

  • no name says:

    I F^&%in love this watch! where can i buy it? i think it’s awesome!

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